Joseph works for Potiphar, from Genesis 39:1-6 commented by ASV and questions

Midianites, Egypt and Potiphar

Israel raised Joseph and Benjamin differently from the rest of his brothers, they were sons of his loving wife, Rachel, and they knew and believed in his father’s God. Joseph, now in Egypt relied on YaHaWaH, in everything he did and patiently waited on God to act. Joseph like Mary the mother of Jesus was highly favored. Joseph was highly favored when in the pit, when sold as a slave to the Midianites, when sold to Potiphar the Egyptian and when prosperous working for him.

Heavenly precision

As Joseph, you are also highly favored when believing in Jesus, even in trouble, when lacking money, when people slander you, when facing injustice, you are highly favored, don’t bother repaying the bad done to you; God will handle it with heavenly precision.  God’s blessing surrounding Joseph was so obvious and his integrity so prominent in what he did, that Potiphar left everything in Joseph’s hands except the food he ate.


  1. Is God’s way your way?
  2. Are you highly favored?

Joseph is sold to the Midianites who take him to Egypt where he is bought by Potiphar. From Genesis 37:29-36 commented by ASV and questions

Ruben’s concern

When Joseph’s brothers sold him to the Midianites, Ruben the first-born was not present, and when he came back to the pit, his brothers had left, and the pit was empty. He tore his cloths in despair, what should he now say to his father, Rueben’s concern was not Joseph; his concern was himself, and what to tell his father.

The lie

Then Rueben went after his brothers, he found them and said, “The boy is not there; as for me, where shall I go” Rueben had just lost his brother and the only thoughts he had was about himself. However, his brothers helped him with constructing the lie he could present to his father. “Then they took Joseph’s tunic, slaughtered a male goat and dipped the tunic in the blood; and they brought the multicolored tunic to their father, saying, “We have found this; please examine it and decide whether or not it is your son’s tunic


Israel concluded, that Joseph was dead, and he wept for his son, the one he had in mind as leader for the dawning nation of Israel. In verse 35 his sons and daughters attempted to comfort him, this is the second time Moses is mentioning Jacob’s daughters, the first time it happened was in Hamor’s speech to his people in Shechem. Israel had more than one daughter, probably as many as he had sons; however, Moses didn’t notice them by name or numbered them.

Did his best

Meanwhile the events followed God’s plan, God is never the problem, the difficulties and troubles are come by us. Potiphar the captain of Pharos guard bought Joseph on the slave market. Joseph accepted his position as slave, started to labor for Potiphar, and did his best and God made it even better. Joseph could have messed it all up by trying to escape or Sabotaging his work, however believing in God he flourished in His blessings.


  1. Do we understand God’s plan by what happens in our life?
  2. How do you enter God’s plan?
  3. Are we born liars?
  4. What do we need to learn, to lie or how not to lie?

ASV notes on Genesis 15:9-21 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

God wanted to make a covenant between Him and Abraham and used a well-known ritual and had Abraham bring Him animals and birds to fulfill it. Abraham knew the rite well and prepared everything like God wanted it.

When the sun setting fire started to consume the meat and God took Abraham on a journey in his sleep. God told about the terrible times for his descendants in Egypt and Abraham lived through the dark and gloomy years there. Then darkness lifted when God told about the release from the slavery and also the giving of the Promised Land to the fourth generation from Abraham.

We know the size of the land Israel of today, it is a tiny land compared to the land God promised Abraham, this was a huge land, from the Nile in Egypt to the river Euphrates in the today Iraq, and that promise still stands.

God is a fair God; He was fair to Abraham but also to the people that lived in Canaan, the Amorites. The conquering of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham had to wait till wickedness and guilt of the Amorites was complete. At that time ten tribes lived in the land of Canaan, represented here by the Amorites.

God also promised Abraham a long life and a peaceful end, he had lived with God for a long time now, and knew that God’s word was the truth; he had experienced it and believed that God was able to see His word through. Because of the faith in God, Abraham could pass everything God told him to his descendants with conviction.

Abraham had faith in God based on his life with Him for many years now, with us it is not the same way, we don’t need that much time and experience. When we give our life to Jesus the faith takes place in our new spirit, from there it can move into our soul and grow to be the faith of Jesus, not in Jesus but of Jesus. If Jesus being in us we have “the faith of God”

Questions to consider

  1. Why does God make covenants with people?
  2. What is “the size” of the land Israel?
  3. How does God treat “bad people”?
  4. What kind of faith do we need?

ASV notes on Genesis 12:10-13 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

Now there was a famine and all the animals that Abraham and Lot had needed food, Abraham didn’t complain to God, he just went on towards Egypt where he heard there were enough of green grass, herbs, and fruit. God blesses what you set your hand to. God blesses, but you have to set your hand to something that He can bless.

When they were about to enter Egypt, Abraham feared for his life because of the beauty of Sarah his wife. He said to Sarah; please tell them that you are my sister. This was not a friendly asking; this was more like an order, even though he said please. Sarah was 65, but still pretty and desirable.

Abraham was not perfect, he told Sarah to lie, well Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister, but by saying that she was his sister, she expressed that she was not Abraham’s wife. Abraham would sacrifice Sarah to become a possible kind of sex slave in Pharaohs’ harem.

Questions to consider

  1. Did Abraham lie?
  2. Why do we have to set our hand to something?
  3. Was Abraham perfect?

ASV notes on Genesis 12:14-20 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

In Egypt as in many other kingdoms at that time, everything was about the leader, in this case Pharaoh, his power, his army, his battles and his wellbeing including his harem. Abraham knew all that and we can well understand why he asked Sarah to say she was his sister.

Pharaoh made Abraham richer than he already was. Abraham became a small moving city, with transportation, donkeys and camels, working labours, slaves or servants.  When Abraham moved it was a huge caravan that needed to be well organised. When Abraham settled down somewhere and builded an Alter for his God, people around noticed it, they knew who Abraham was and they knew that he worshipped only one God.


God had said that He would bless Abraham and his seed, and bless them that blessed him, and curse them that curse him; God’s protection surrounded Abraham, This protection did not depend on Abraham, but on the integrity of God’s Word. God punished Pharaoh, the innocent part in this matter and Pharaoh gave Sarah back to Abraham and acknowledged that Abraham’s God was a great God. You are not perfect either, but in Jesus you are a new creation, 2 Corinthians 5:17, and you are already blessed, Ephesians 1:3.

Pharaoh commanded his soldiers to escort Abraham away from Egypt; I think Pharaoh thought that then this “great and terrible God” also would leave together with Abraham.

Questions to consider

  1. Why did Abraham ask Sarah to say that she was his sister?
  2. Why did Pharoh make Abraham richer than he was before?
  3. Why did Abraham build an Alter?
  4. Who was the guilty party in the matter between Pharoah and Abraham?