Joseph brings bad reports about his brothers, Joseph has two dreams, from Genesis 37:1-11 commented by ASV and questions


Joseph being seventeen pastured sheep together with four of his half-brothers, Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher. Dan and Naphtali were the sons of Bilhah, Rachel’s maid and Gad and Asher were sons of Zilpah. Bilhah and Zilpah were slaves and now Israel’s concubines, they were treated as inferior and so were their children. Now Rachel had died, and the concubines felt higher in status and their sons too.

Bad report

Israel lacked authority, but he demanded the camp to live by the rules of God.  Moses writes that Joseph brought bad reports about the four concubine children; this seems like Joseph, in spite of being the younger had the leader role when out in the field and he probably tried to rebuke his half-brothers, but they hated Joseph and didn’t respect him as leader and Joseph brought back to his father bad report about them.

Two dreams

Joseph had two dreams, and became so excited, that he could not keep them to himself; he had to share them with his brothers, his father and the concubine wives. Israel had told his family about the dreams from God he had, and Joseph most certainly believed those dreams of his were from God.

Hate makes murderes

Israel treated Joseph differently from his brothers; Israel loved Joseph more than the rest. Joseph’s brothers hated him and when he told them about his dreams, they hated him even more, the hate affected them to the point that they wished him dead. Of this, we can learn that hate makes murderers.

Persecution, blessing and glory

God gave Joseph two dreams about his future; he could have kept them to himself and the future events would probably not have taken place. When we receive from God, spoken words will make what God tells us come true, but also persecution, mockery and slander. There is a price to pay here on earth, however God’s blessing will follow and later, glory in heaven.


The Bible is not always chronological, in verse 10 Israel says, “Shall I and your mother and your brothers actually come to bow down to the ground before you” it is possible that Joseph’s dreams occurred before Rachel’s death. But must likely Rachel had died and What Israel is saying in his rebuke to Joseph is that this dream is impossible to be fulfilled, because your mother is dead, shall she raise from the dead and bow down to you?


  1. Do we respect people differently?
  2. What makes us respect people?
  3. Is the context in the Bible important?
  4. What does produce hate?

Jacob talks to Rachel, Jacob kissed her, Laban runs to meet Jacob at the age of 120, from Genesis 29:12-14 commented by ASV and questions

She was exited, left her sheep, run to her father with this shocking news

Jacob told Rachel of him being Rebekah’s son and Rachel must have been shocked, she probably had heard a lot of her father’s sister that went south to marry someone in the family, and now her son was here talking to her, this was great and exiting news, and she left the sheep and run to tell her father.

Merchandise of 12 to 14

Rachel was just a girl, according to tradition at that time, girls married at the age of 12 to 14, and their fathers decided whom to marry and a part of this was how much they could gain for their daughters. Daughters were merchandise at that time and they had no say on the matter.

Shepherds in good shape at the age of 120

Laban, Rachel’s father became exited too, he had not heard from his sister in about 100 years and now her son was here to visit him, he run to meet him. These people were shepherds, they walked every day, looking after their animals and they, because of all the walking were healthy and strong. Laban must have been about 20 when Rebekah went to marry Isaac and that makes Laban about 120 when Jacob came to Haran.

Saving bills and trouble

Laban was 120 and run to meet Jacob, he was in good shape; we should walk a lot more than we do, saving medical bills and much trouble.

The blessing, ready to pay

Family meant a lot to the Terah descendants and they knew that the God of Abraham was strong and mighty, they knew His name YaHaWaH but had no understanding of Him being the only God, Laban worshipped several gods and the God of Abraham also, he said to Jacob, “You are my bone and my flesh.” Then Jacob worked for his uncle a month, Jacob did his best looking after his uncle’s sheep and he noticed how blessed he was in his work. Jacob came with nothing and could not pay Laban for Rachel to be his wife, but in his God, he saw a possibility. Laban also noticed the blessing over Jacob’s work and was ready to pay Jacob to stay longer.


  1. Do we understand the times of old, the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
  2. Did the world change when Jesus came down?
  3. Did the women benefit from the words of Jesus?
  4. How would you describe Laban?
  5. How would you describe the human nature?   

Esau came to his father for his blessing as the firstborn, from Genesis 27:30-46, commented by ASV

The supplanter

Then Esau came with his food made of his pray and offered it to his father, however Isaac had eaten and said who are you? Moreover, when Esau answered, “I am your son, your firstborn, Esau.”  Isaac understood it all in a twinkle of an eye; he remembered that when Jacob came out of his mother’s womb he held his hand around the heel of Esau. That was the reason why Isaac and Rebekah called him Jacob, the supplanter, someone who takes the place of another.

The firstborn

Isaac had been wrong all his life, now he saw it, Jacob was the firstborn and was on the line to the blessed seed. It was a war going on inside of Isaac between his spirit of God in him and his flesh, and the flesh lost the battle and then Isaac trembled violently, his flesh surrendered to the will of God and he told Esau the truth, I ate all of it before you came, and I blessed him. Yes, and he shall be blessed.” 

Never saw her again

Esau now hated Jacob and planned to kill him when his father was dead, which he expected to be soon, then after the mourning, he would kill Jacob. Nevertheless, God kept Isaac alive another 43 years. Rebekah heard of Esau’s plans and told Jacob to leave for Haran where her brother Laban stayed with his family.

She advised Jacob to stay there until Esau had forgot about what Jacob did to him, and then she would call for Jacob to come back. However, the situation did not change and Jacob never saw his mother again.

Daughters of Heth

Now however, there was another problem, Rebekah could not send Jacob away without Isaac’s consent. Rebekah used her craftiness and she talked to her blind husband and said, I am tired of living because of the daughters of Heth, If Jacob takes a wife from the daughters of Heth, like these daughters of the land, what good will my life be to me?”

Two nations

Rebekah believed in God’s words given to her when she was pregnant, when the struggle between two people was going on in her womb. The LORD said to her, two nations are in your womb; And the separation of two nations has begun in your body; The one people shall be stronger than the other; And the older shall serve the younger.”  Then Rebekah told Isaac that she could as well die if Jacob took wives from the Hittites they were living among, she wanted Isaac to agree with her to send Jacob to Haran to find a wife there where her brother lived. 


  1. As a believer, how should you find a wife or a husband?
  2. How important is it to listen to God’s word and remember them?
  3. Are our flesh and spirit good friends?

ASV notes on Genesis 9:1-5 and questions


God blessed Noah and his family and told them to be fruitful and multiply, children are a blessing in all countries on earth, we should look after them and give them education and protection.


In verse 3 God gives the man every moving thing to be food for him; this did now change from vegetables to meat. Man can eat all kind of meat, but without the blood in it.


In verse 5 it seems like God communicates with the blood in all living and man and the animal must answer for all blood that is taken. The world might not find the murderer and sentence him, but God has already done it.

Death sentence

This verse 5 makes dead sentence right and legal. But it has to be investigated if the taken of blood was intentional or not. God’s motive for the death sentence is surprising and not commonly known.

Blood speaks

God made man in His image, and when murder is committed, someone like God is killed. We are of God’s spirit and the spirits are communicating with each other, blood speaks to blood.


The reason for the death sentence is that God created man in His image and that image is connected to God, no man is left on his own.


Again I will say and make it clear, to have children is a blessing, the circumstances do not matter, we have to respect the newborn life as a blessing and look after the child created in the image of God. God is good and able, in him is the provision for all.


  1. Does the child belong to its parents?
  2. Does God know what’s going on?
  3. Is pregnancy a blessing?

ASV notes on Genesis 1:29-31 and questions

Glory of God

The gift

God made everything and gave authority over the earth to man by the words He spoke, it became a heavenly law. At that time there was no physical evidence of the trees and plants, animals and man, all were in the spiritual and perfect. Moreover, in the spiritual realm, God saw it and validated it. God gave plants and fruit for food, there was no need to kill, the life was forever and the earth was rich and big enough as the earth still is today.


In that progress of creation, God made man to live forever, multiply and have children, no death. Imagine how many inhabitants would be living on earth today if Adam and Eve had listened to God and not eaten of the fruit. Today the earth is under the curse, and does not function, as it would have without the sin. In spite of the vast number of people on earth, it would have been enough for all by the blessing of God. 


1.        Do we need birth control?
2.        Does God live in the spiritual realm?
3.        How old did God create man to be?