ASV notes on Genesis 26:7-11 and questions

Abimelech, Isaac and Rebekah

Nobody did

Isaac stayed in Gerar and Rebekah was Isaac’s “sister” and by the moral in the area at that time she could be taken and made love to, but nobody did, they waited to see what the king Abimelech did, maybe he wanted her for his harem.


After a long time in Gerar Isaac caressed Rebekah, his wife in the open outside Abimelech’s house and the king saw it through his window and understood that Rebekah was Isaac’s wife. Abimelech and the philistines didn’t know the God of Abraham, but they feared Him and knew that He protected Abraham’s family.

Who was the guilty one?

The king called Isaac and in anger, he told him: “What is this that you have done to us? One of the men might easily have been intimate with your wife, and you would have brought guilt on us.” Abimelech didn’t care about Isaac, but he feared his God and told all his people; Whoever touches this man or his wife shall without exception be put to death.” Isaac like his father made his wife lie, however, God was ready to punish Abimelech if he touched her.

Because of Jesus

The family of Abraham belonged to God as his precious property, and He polished and protected it. If you become the family of God through Jesus, you are His precious property; He will “polish” you and protect you, not because of you, but because of Jesus.


  1. Do you earn the blessings?
  2. From when, are you blessed?
  3. Why does God look after you?
  4. What is it to be a precious property?

ASV notes on Genesis 26:1-6 and questions

Abimelech, Isaac and Rebekah in Gerar

Well of the living one who sees me

Isaac stayed in Negev at the well where an angel met with Hagar Sarah’s maid, showed her the well and revealed that she was going to give birth to a son, about his future and his descendants and to give him the name Ishmael. Hagar called this well “Well of the Living One Who Sees Me” and she was comforted, and went back to the camp of Abraham and served Sarah her mistress.

Land of Gerar

Isaac had his camp there by this well south east of Kiriath-arba, Hebron, when the famine struck this land and He moved his huge camp towards the west to the “land” of Gerar the land of the Philistines, may be they could find more food there for all their flocks and herds.

Who to die and who to live

In Gerar YaHaWaH appeared to Isaac and told him not to travel to Egypt as “all” people did to find food and water, God said stay in the land I am telling you, land here means a part of Canaan like Gerar where the king Abimelech ruled. At that, time the king decided everything, who to die who to live, and who he picked for his harem. Isaac and his huge camp stayed in Gerar, the land of the Philistines and Rebekah was a beautiful lady, and told people that she was the sister of Isaac, this to save his life, she lied.

For you too

YaHaWaH told Isaac about his descendants to be like the stars of heaven and that his descendant, who refers to that Jesus the Messiah, should bless all nations of the world. God protected Isaac, why did He do it, it was not because of what Isaac had done, but what his father had done, and then it must be of vital interest to understand the “work” of Abraham; because Abraham listened to and obeyed My voice and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.”  The faith of Abraham reflects his obedience, is this valid only for Abraham, no it goes for you too!


  1. How perfect was Abraham?
  2. Did Isaac order Rebekah to lie?
  3. Did Rebekah know how to cheat?
  4. Do we depend on God?
  5. Are you a good person?
  6. Are children born good?

ASV mark on Genesis 20:1-7 and questions

Abraham at Gerar and Abimelech

Gerar and Abimelech

Now it was time for Abraham to move all his cattle and flocks to another area, finding food for them. Abraham was a nomad, moved from place to place, and stayed temporarily where his animals were grazing. This time he ended up in Gerar where he settled his huge camp, here Abimelech was king.

She lied

Again, Abraham did it, he told Sarah his beautiful wife to lie and say that Abraham was her brother, giving the impression that she was not his wife. Even thou Sarah was close to ninety and probably pregnant she was nice to look at and desirable. The king, Abimelech heard about her beauty and fetched her into his harem were she stayed waiting for the king to call her.

A prophet

Abimelech wanted to have sex with Sarah, but every time he tried to make it happen God hindered him, God looked after Sarah because she was the wife of the prophet Abraham. God gave Abraham the title prophet; it implies that Abraham spoke the words of God. God protected His prophet and stopped the king from touching his wife. 


The same is true today, if you speak the words of God, God protects you because of the words you speak; speaking the “words of God when in Jesus” makes you a prophet. Abimelech in his intent to have sex with Sarah was innocent, it was Abraham that did wrong, sacrificing his wife making Abimelech sin against God’s prophet.

Death penalty

God sentenced Abimelech to death for trying to touch Sarah, the king was facing the death penalty, he was about to be executed by God, not just Abimelech but also his household was to be killed, God made Abimelech and his people respect Abraham.  

His awesome God

God told Abimelech to return the prophets wife to him and then God would pardon Abimelech by Abraham praying for him, saving his life. Abimelech did what God told him in a dream. After this, all in the area knew about Abraham and his awesome God.


  1. Why did all the people in the area know Abraham?
  2. Dis Abraham sin?
  3. Who was the guilty one?