ASV mark on Genesis 21:14-21 and questions

Hagar and Ishmael

Into the wilderness of Beersheba

Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away into the wilderness of Beersheba with a skin bag of water, Ishmael was about 20 years of age, he was grown up and he and his mother could have been days in the wilderness before the bag was empty.

God cared for Ishmael

They were exhausted and they both wept. Hagar wept, but God heard the voice of Ishmael. Hagar was not of Abraham, and should never have been his wife, but Ishmael was a descendant of Abraham, he was of Abraham and because of Abraham God cared for Ishmael.

A wife from Egypt

An angel called Hagar from heaven and told her not to be afraid and to take Ishmael by his hand and help him up, Hagar did exactly what the angel told her, and then she saw a well with fresh running water, God saved them because of the boy, not her. God blessed them, and Ishmael became an archer. Hagar coming from Egypt went there and fetched a wife for his son.


  1. Was Ishmael a child when this happened?
  2. Does God treat His people different from the rest of the world?

ASV mark on Genesis 2:18-25 and questions

To find a wife and avoid divorce


God says in verse 18 that for a man it is not good to be alone. A man needs a woman to share his life with, without her, he is only half himself. The man and woman are not equal parts, they are different, but they fit together by some adjustments. These adjustments could take some time, depending on how willing you are to emphasize less on yourself and more on your partner.

A wife

In 19, God formed from the ground all living, as He formed Adam, except Eve, who God formed from Adam, she was of him, and they belonged to each other. God made Eve for Adam. Like if a boy looks for a wife today, be patient thrust in God, there is someone waiting for you and God will find her and pick the place and time.  


Adam gave a name to all the living on earth and he didn’t use the same name twice, he remembered all of them. By the time of Adam, the people were smart and intelligent, we are not of the level of Adam today, the humans have not developed, they have degenerated.  We need God more than ever.

Leaving his parents

Eve had the same kind of bones as Adam, and the same kind of flesh, God took Eve from Man and that is the reason (verse 24) a man when he marries a woman shall leave his parents and stay with his wife on their own. They need time alone to find out that they fit perfectly together.  


  1. Are we smarter today then, the people were in the times of old?
  2. Is the wife equal to the man?
  3. How did God create Eve?
  4. Why do the man nee to leave his parents when marry?