ASV notes on Genesis 14:13-16

Abraham was now living in the Hebron area in the shade of the huge oak trees there, the terebinths of Mamre the Amorite. Abraham had allies, Mamre and his two brothers, Eshcol and Aner. Those three friends knew Abraham and his great God. Now many of those who fled from the battles in the valley came to the hill country of Hebron and one of them came to Abraham and told him that Lot and his family had been taken captive. Abraham was well known in the area, people knew him and his God.

When Abraham heard that Lot was taken captive, he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t acquire about the enemy, he knew his God and got his private army ready, 318 soldiers well trained, born in his camp. They were soldiers but they also knew the God of Abraham and trusted in the orders from his mouth, they were confident in the power behind the words. Also his three allies came with him with their men.

Abraham pursued the four kings, he knew the country and the rout, he had been there, he knew what to do, but most importantly, he knew his God. He didn’t spend hours in praying before he went; no Abraham knew that his God was watching and caring for him. Today if you are in Christ God knows your needs, He is watching you and His sight and hearing is extremely good, you don’t have to scream or repeat words to Him, he is not senile.

Abraham knew that his God, YAHAWAH, was awesome and stood with him, but Abraham showed courage and acted and he and his men were in good shape and well trained, when needed they were a strong army. You need to put your hand to things and the blessing follows.

God cares for you when you are in trouble and makes you ready, ready for what? To become a soldier who can stand and attack the enemy in the front lines of the war against the devil and his deception.  Abraham with his 318 servants and his allies Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre, beat the four kings by night and chased them almost as far as Damascus in Syria. Abraham brought back all the people and goods, including Lot and his family, God turns defeat into victory.