ASV notes on Genesis 3:8-13 and questions

What could have been so awesome, instead started to regenerate and decline


God went down to talk with Adam and Eve as usual in the cool of the day, normally they would be in the open and easy to find, but this time when God came they were afraid and had hidden behind some trees or bushes.


In the presence of YaHaWaH, you feel inner peace and secure, you know that He is the one taking care of things and looks after you. However in this case with Adam and Eve eating of the fruit of Good and evil, all the responsibility was suddenly on their shoulders, they had to perform and present themselves.

Not knowing

They could not go around in the garden naked and they had to defend their actions. Adam blamed the woman, the woman blamed the serpent, and they knew they were in big trouble, but they did not know what they had done to the rest of mankind. I think God felt sorry for them and saved them from explaining to them the devastating result of their actions.


  1. What did Adam and Eve do?
  2. Why were they afraid?
  3. Who was the crook behind it all?