ASV notes on Genesis 6:1-4 and questions


Flesh with the five senses

Scholars have, frequently omitted this passage in the Bible. Here is my opinion. Who were the “sons of God”. These men were run by their flesh, that is by their five senses and their feelings, they looked at women with desire and lustful imagination. The Spirit of God did not govern them. He is always against the flesh.

Demon possessed

Therefore, these men were not of God spiritually, they could have been demon-possessed men because fallen angels cannot replicate by having children as far as I understand. Gen. 6:4 says that these men also lived afterward; it could mean that they continued to live after the flood, not the men in the flesh, but men possessed by the same demons.

Pushing the borders

The men and women growing up with Noah lived a corrupt life, given over to sensuality like the development we experience today; especially with all the nakedness and sexuality on TV, pushing the borders of what is normal and legal.


  1. How important is the context in the Bible?
  2. Can humans be demon possessed?
  3. Do the normality change?