ASV notes on Genesis 10:15-23 and 32 and questions

The Curse

Noah cursed his grandson Canaan the son of Ham whose sons populated the territory from Sidon in Lebanon as far as Gaza, this area includes the today Israel.


Shem the son of Noah was not the first born, but from him came the Hebrews and also the Syrians. So Shem began the line that leads to Joseph and Mary the “father” and mother of Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 10:32

The beginning

After the flood, the life on earth restarted on the top of Mount Ararat where Noah and his family, 8 persons in all, left the wooden box and started to settle. The people on the earth started with Adam and Eve and then restarted with Shem, Ham, and Japheth, That was the beginning and all the population of the world spread from there. The beginning is neither from China nor from Egypt.


  1. Why did Noah curse Canaan?
  2. Where did all begin?