ASV notes on Genesis 13:14-18

Now finally Abraham was alone when he met God, there were only God and Abraham and God said; “lift up your eyes” Abraham just had to solve the strife problem between the servants by separating from Lot. He probably felt sad leaving his nephew like that, then God said: “lift up your eyes”. God wanted Abraham to see the real picture, how things really were. That’s what we have to do too when things looks dark and gloomy, make God your friend through Jesus and lift up your eyes.

When Abraham met God this time, it was on the mountain between Betel and Ai and Abraham could see the whole country from where he stood. And God said that this was the land that God would give Abraham’s descendants. God said “All the land you can see”

Did Abraham see all the land from there? If you ask questions like that when you read the Bible you are wasting a lot of time, it is actually very simple and much more efficient to just believe the word. If Abraham could not see the land of Canaan from there, God made him see it, everything is possible for God.

God told Abraham to travel through the country, north, south, west and east, He wanted Abraham to know the land by having been everywhere in it, walked and stood in all places. God said that Abraham had to do it because God would give the land to Abraham.

To be given something is not the same as “owning it” two conditions has to be met; it has to be legally transferred to you. But secondly for the land, or a company to be really yours, you have to know it in and out. Then you can motivate your children “your descendants” to know the firm, the property, the car and in this case the land of Canaan.

And then, what did Abraham do? Of course he broke camp and started to set his foot on the land, started to set his hand to what God had given him and God’s blessings followed Abraham in his walk with God. Remember that to walk with God is not to stand or sit with God, Jesus is the way not the sofa.

From the mountain between Betel and Ai Abraham went to Hebron and settled at the great oak of Mamre. And then what did he do there? Yes he built and Alter to praise His great and awesome God, YAHAWAH, but also to testify about Him by the alter standing there for people to see.