ASV notes on Genesis 7:1-5 and questions

Without God, you are dead

God cares

Now it was time for action and God gave Noah one week to prepare and fill the box with animals, crawling things and flying creatures. God followed the work of Noah and his family carefully and knew when they were ready to go. Today as well, God knows exactly what is happening on the earth, in details with every human, billions of people, He cares for every single one of us.

Founded on lies

God knows, but He is not running the show, He sent Jesus to earth and now The Holy Spirit is there for you. It is simple, you just ask Jesus into your life, Romans 10:9-13, and you are on the heavenly track on earth, your life is filled with blessings and hope instead of gloom and death founded on lies.

Walking dead

Verse 5; “So Noah did all that the LORD commanded him.” When God gives a command, the ability to do it, is included by the finger of God. When you are doing something in your own strength, you are your own blessing. Like when you buy a car or a house you are your own assurance, your life on your own is a life in insecurity. We need Jesus, He is a natural part of us, without Him, we are blind and dead, we are the “walking dead” but also blind.


How well does God know you?

Who is god of this world?

How important are the blessings of God?

ASV mark on Genesis 7:11-12,15-16,24 and questions

The beginning of the flood

It burst open

How can we understand this; “All the fountains of the great deep burst open”. It could be that in the center of the earth there was a huge amount of water, called the great deep and God made it burst open for it to flood out, it says that it burst open, that could mean that the water that streamed out is no longer there.

Infinite amount of water

And then we have; “The windows and floodgates of the heavens were opened” The water above those windows and floodgates could be in the heavens outside the universe, above the firmament and it seems that God opened those windows and gates for the water to flood down like heavy, heavy rain. Then after 40 days, He closed them and it could be that in this “room” there is an infinite amount of water for use when needed.


  1. Where is the great deep, which God talks about?
  2. How did God flood the earth?

The flood lasted

Breath of life

All the living went in two by two, in which there were the breath and spirit of life; there are spirits in animals and God can communicate with them, but they too can disobey God, and possessed by evil spirits.

Animals in heaven

Seven pairs of clean animals went into the wooden box, and one pair of unclean and crawling things and God picked all of them and led them to the ark. In the ark, there were no evil spirits.  The spirit of life is in animals and it seems likely that we will have animals in heaven.

40 days and 150 days

When the flood started it rained for forty days until the water covered the earth completely, 23 feet above the highest mountain peak, and then the water stayed like that for 150 days before it started to decline.


Can God talk to his creation?

Is there spirit in animals?