ASV notes on Genesis 17:17-22 and questions

God is God and we are human


When Abraham heard God say that he and Sarah would have a child he fell on his face and laughed, he could not help it, this was ridicules. Abraham doubted God and the laughing came from his heart and he suggested that Ishmael could be the one. However, God said that Sarah was the mother, and she would have a son and God told Abraham to call him Isaac. Isaac means laughter and every time someone said Isaac, Abraham would remember that he doubted God, and Isaac, when he grew up, would ask, why do they call me laughter?

No difference

God also promised that Ishmael would be prosperous and be the father of a great people coming from his twelve sons. Ishmael means God hears, and everyday Abraham an all the people in his camp, by the names Isaac and Ishmael, would be reminded that God acts in spite of doubt and that He always hears everyone, He makes no difference.


  1. Is it important what fills your heart?
  2. Did God love Ishmael?