ASV notes on Genesis 9:20-21 and 26

ASV notes on Genesis 9:20-21

We are all born sinners, the sin is there for the devil to exploit and affect our way of thinking. We need to keep our mind on God, not now and then, but every day, all the day. You cannot be serious, yes I am serious, I am dead serious, the life with Jesus is a walk, Jesus in your life is walking on the narrow road, you have to keep up, and you cannot resist sinning and the devil on your own, follow Jesus or you are left behind.

Noah wanted a good life, as you and me, and he made wine and drank it to feel even better than only being with God and his family. By doing that he messed up a lot and got his grandson cursed. The life with God is not satisfying your flesh all the time, but the flesh is your enemy, it is against you, God is for you, and with Jesus you will have a Good life here and now.

ASV notes on Genesis 9:26

Noah was a sinner as you and me, but God made him prophesy for his family, for the future mankind. Can God use sinners? Well He has no other, Noah though being a sinner was obedient to God’s word; he spent about 50 years building a wooden box on inland probably far from water, believing God. Noah walked with God in patience and faith. As God told Cain that the sin is there and crouching at the door, but you must master it. To master the sin God gave us Jesus, who mastered the sin and saved us from it.