ASV notes on Genesis 12:7-9 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

When God knew that Abraham had seen and been through most of the land He appeared to Abraham (still Abram) in Shechem and told him that the land he now had seen God would give to his descendants. Why didn’t God say that He would give the land to Abraham?

God is the God of prophecies, He always tells us of the future before it becomes a reality. Sarah (still Sarai) didn’t have any children and this was not easy on Abraham and Sarah, his future depended on having children, God knew their situation and felt with them, that was why God said that Canaan would be given to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah. God could have said that the land would be given to Abraham.

When God speaks to you, listen to every word, they are important, every one of them. You might say, “But God does not speak to me”, well then you have not advanced to become a sheep, you are still a lamb. Jesus speaks to sheep, and sheep speak to and look after their lambs. Why is it important to become sheep? The main reason is that you can receive information directly from the source, Jesus, and not through another person, a sheep. 

Abraham built an Alter at Shechem and worshiped God there. In his heart Abraham worshipped God all the time, but that was personal, building an Alter was public, he advertised to all, his love and appreciation for his God, he preached to the world with this alter that would stay there and testify.

Then Abraham moved to a mountain between Bethel and Ai and stayed there. From this mountain, he could see the south part of the land. Places are important to God and He mentioned Betel and Ai several times in the Bible. There Abraham again built an Alter, worshiped, and called on the name of God. God’s name then as now is YAHAWAH with the vowel a.

There on the mountain Abraham left another Alter as a testimony about God’s greatness and reliability, Abraham simply could not exist without his God, he was dependent, and he was God addicted. However, it was more land to explore so Abraham went on toward the Negev, the south part of the land promised to his descendants.

Consider questions; make your opinion by commenting

  1. Does God speak to you?
  2. Why is it important that God speaks directly to you?
  3. Do you know where Bethel and Ai is?
  4. What is Gods name?
  5. Why did Abraham build an Alter?
  6. Do you know where the Negev is?