ASV mark on Genesis 19:1-3

Lot also recognized the two men being from God as Abraham did. Lot obviously feared God, but if he had faith in God’s ability to help and protect him, he wouldn’t have stayed in Sodom building a house there. He compromised and took the easy way.

Lot offered the two men from God to stay in his house, he gave them food, and drink and they ate. Men from God, angles, could aso be among us today behaving normal, eating, drinking and sleeping. They could visit and help people, the question is; do we recognize them?

ASV notes on Genesis 19:4-10

The two men didn’t tell Lot what they were about to do, they waited to see what was going to happen, to see if the outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah was indeed great, and their sin was exceedingly grave as God had said, now these two men from God wanted to see it and report to God. 

Then many from the sinful city of Sodom surrounded Lot’s house and try to break in to have sex with the two men and probably kill them. The men of Sodom were governed by their senses completely they were in the hands of the devil; they wanted to have their will with the two men that probably looked hansom and tempting to the sinful crowd.

Lot offered them his daughters, they would probably have killed them too, and this shows us the value of the women at the time of Lot and Abraham. Now the men had seen enough, now God knew that what the outcry from Sodom had told Him was true, the moment for action had come. They grabbed Lot and blinded the crowd.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:11-14

The men outside the house of Lot were now blind, but they still strived to find the door to break into the house, the sin controlled them completely. The two men could now explain the situation to Lot. They said that if he had others there belonging to his family he needed to get them out because God was about to destroy the city.

Then Lot went through the city and found his sons in law who were to marry his daughters. Lot had mingled with the sinful inhabitants of Sodom to the degree that his two daughters were about to marry two of them, seems like the sinful behavior of Sodom had affected the family of Lot too.

Lot explained the situation to his sons in law, but they didn’t believe in the God Lot was talking about, to them, it sounded stupid and ridiculous and they thought it was a joke. Like today, if I am mentioning God or Jesus they look at me like something is wrong with me, the world now in 2018 is getting closer to the world of Sodom and Gomorrah.   

ASV notes on Genesis 19:15-17

Lot probably spent most of the night walking through the city looking for his coming sons in law and the two men were waiting for him at his house. When morning dawned, Lot and his family and the two men were in the house and it seems like God had waited with the destruction for Lot to return.

Now it was time, the two men said that Lot and his family had to run for their lives, however, they lingered, they wanted to stay in the house for protection. Their faith was more in the city than in God, but by God’s mercy the two men took them by their hands and led them outside and one of them said; “Escape for your life” God gave them a clear order and told them not to stop anywhere in the valley and not to turn around and look back.

This was not a conversation, this was an order, but their faith were wavering and Lot had his own opinion of the best solution, their stay in this sinful environment had brought them away from God’s greatness and omniscience, that God looks ahead and always knows best. God told Lot to run for the mountain away from this valley, up where he could be on his own with his family far away from the sinful city life.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:18-22 and the questions to consider

שלום חברי

Lot didn’t fancy the mountain; he still wanted to take the easy way, to a little cozy town with only a few people there. God gave us our own will, free to choose, God is not forcing upon us his will, even though, He knows it is the best solution for us.

God granted Lot to run with his family to a little town that later was called Zoar south of the Dead Sea. Zoar means few or small, but if the sin had developed there as in Sodom, it would affect the Lot family there too.

Seems like God meant to destroy this little town too, but because Lot wanted to go there He didn’t, the sin in its mature state would still live on in this little place and develop from there. Where you live the sin is there, in fact, the sin is in you, you cannot run away from it, you have to fight it and stay away from areas and environments where the sin has developed and are practiced in all its variations. The sin problem was the reason that Jesus had to come to earth and suffer and die.

The questions to consider

  1. How can we know we are doing the will of God?
  2. Does our company affect how we think?
  3. Why did Jesus come to earth?

ASV notes on Genesis 19:23-29

The sun had risen, may be it was close to midday when Lot and his family came to this small village, they had been running for a long time, probably several hours when brimstones and fire begun to rain down from heaven, their place in Sodom and their life there were about to be demolished.

But Lots wife couldn’t resist turning around and look at and probably longing for her “city life” a last time. One of the two men warned her not to look back, but she followed her heart and not God, turning into a pillar of salt.  Everything in the valley of Jordan and all the cities there were destroyed.

Lot and his family had been living in more than one city in the valley, probably in all of them while moving his flocks around. The thinking of Lots family had been under the influence of the sinful people in the valley area for many years and their way of reasoning had gradually changed. God saved Lot and his family, not because of them, but because of Abraham, the righteous one with his heart towards YAHAWAH his precious God.  If Jesus is in you, God looks at you and sees Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:30-38

Lot finally went up to stay in the mountain area where he should have gone in the first place. He was afraid to stay in Zoar, likely because of the threatening behavior of the people there. Lot chose the easy way, staying in a nice house to live a city life, now he had lost his wife and was living in a cave with his daughters on a mountain fearing for his life.

His daughters saw no future in the mountain having lost both their coming husbands, and almost every male in the area were dead. They could have been patient and expected God to find them mates, but again the quick and easy way, their own father. How could they do it? They had no shame, no inner restrain; they were most certainly impacted by their life in the cities.

They both had child with their father, and two people were born the Moabites and the Ammonites, two people that was to cause a lot of trouble for Abraham’s descendants, the Hebrews, in the future.

ASV notes on Genesis 18:1-5

Moses wrote that YAHAWAH was appearing to Abraham, we should understand that from the beginning this was God’s common name, to address who they were talking about when talking of God, people used His name; YAHAWAH.

Lord is a title and in the Hebrew the language, which the Old Testament was written in, the Lord is Adonai, not YHWH. If you translate YHWH with the LORD and are using capital letters it will not changes the basic text in Hebrew. This is the name of God in Hebrew; יהוה, it is read from right to left; י is Y and ה is H and ו is W and ה is H and it makes YHWH. Usually they translate the Hebrew word YHWH with The LORD, but יהוה has no article “the”. If God’s name was written with the article “the” It would look like this; היהוה, with a ה in front, but that is not the case. The article is added by the translators to make it look right to use the word LORD.

To make it simple; to translate God’s name with the LORD, is not bad translation, but wrong translation, it is misleading the reader. God has only one name, but many titles to describe His great personality.

Abraham was resting in his tent door when he saw three men standing, may be twenty meter off, he didn’t see them coming, they just stood there and Abraham knew that they were of God and not humans, but they were men not angles with wings.

Abraham lived his life for God and new in his heart that he was 100% dependent of Him, in a twinkle of an eye he understood the importance of this moment. Abraham was not afraid of God or His messengers, he run towards them and worshipped them with his face to the ground, he was not afraid but humble.

Abraham offered the three men water for their feet and bread and meat to eat, and they accepted and they rested under an oak tree. They behaved like humans, but Abraham knew that they were of God, he wanted them to rest and eat and drink and feel comfortable, may be they had a message for him.

ASV notes on Genesis 18:7-8

Abraham brought to the tree men the best he had, a tender calf, new made bread, milk and butter and he stood by them when they ate, may be they wanted more or something else, but most importantly, may be they had a message for him. This was Abraham offering to God of the best he had, like building an Alter and offer on it. If you give, give of the best you have, not left overs.


ASV notes on Genesis 18:9-15

Abraham hoped for a message, and yes when enjoying the meal the one that represented God had chocking news, Sarah was to have a child next year when YAHAWAH would visit them again. Behind the tent-door Sarah heard it and laughed within herself. Sarah believed God, but the news seemed so unrealistic, fantastic, ridiculous and funny at the same time and she laughed.

God heard Sarah’s silent laugh from her heart, in Jesus God is with you too, He hears every sigh, everything you utter, you can say many things to convince God, but God knows what is in your heart, He loves you, but you cannot fool Him. God asked Abraham why Sarah laughed, Sarah denied it, but God confirmed it.

God knows we are flesh, He doesn’t want us to be perfect in our flesh, but in Jesus, Jesus was and is perfect. God wants us to be honest in our weakness and follow Jesus. God asked Abraham and Sarah this question; “Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the LORD?” We believe that God could do anything for others, but not for us, but in Jesus God can, but it works by the laws of God, we need faith and faith comes by hearing, hearing the words of God.