The physical world will dissolve and fall apart

Beyond fields, hills, and valleys

Once further ahead than we are now, there will come a time when God’s laws of nature will be shaken out of their statutory tracks. Such as that the water will exceed its boundaries and flood beyond fields, hills and valleys as Jesus describes it in Matthew chapter 24

Forgiveness is for everyone

The word will progress life into your body heart and soul, not the life of this world, but the life of God, you go from existing death to exist alive, your eyes are opened and your heart forgives, because you see clearly how much forgiveness you have received. Forgiveness is for everyone, ooh, not for everyone, not for the ones who have caused so much death and destruction, yes everyone means everyone.


Only read the Book that changes you, not by knowledge, but by the power of the Word, when you read and understand you are given inner strength and peace that increases with the perception of what is in the Book. It is as if peace descends and security calms you and takes possession of the circumstances and puts your thoughts in Heaven at the throne of God. You are living on earth in the kingdom of angels.

The Book of wisdom

Jesus is talking here about the future when the physical world will dissolve and fall apart, and God’s laws will be put out of action. All this chaos is a result of the curse that Adam and Eve imposed by their disobedience, as Jesus expressed it, that the powers of heaven should be shaken. The world today suffers from the fact that everything has gradually evolved during this weathering and only got worse and worse and will continue like this until everything just collapses. This world, however, cannot understand this problem or take it upon itself. There is only one remedy that works and solves all this for good, namely God’s wisdom which He has described in detail in His love letter to all people including you and me, in the book which fills you with wisdom peace, and power.

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