The love of God for this world, for all who are living on this planet.

Then you can talk to Him

Does God love you?, Yes He does, so why is He not doing anything to help me and many other people, people are suffering, dying of hunger and sickness and much more, where are God? Yes I can tell you where He is, He is not in your physical world, God is Spirit and lives in an Spiritual world, if you would like to meet Him, you need to move into His world, then you can talk to Him and He can talk to you.

Look at the news

In your world there is a door of transportation and transformation from this world to Gods world, from the physical to the Spiritual. This door is straight and leads to a narrow road and few are those who find it. Even if you do not find it, the door exists, God sent that door from His heaven to earth, your world. Many are traveling around telling people about this door, and this narrow road, however most people will not listen. Will you? This world is a loosing place and moves towards hell, you are not safe here. Just look at the news, killing, killing, starving, dying, riots, wars, now many people experience hell on earth. And I can tell you by the Words of God that it is not getting better, but worse.

And it is already payed for

 A few have much, more than they can spend, however many, many millions have less than they need or nothing. They are on the wrong side of the door, Jesus said I am the door and the way, and He tells you the truth. How to cross over? Well it is easy, maybe too easy for many, everyone can do it, Just ask Jesus to change you and admit that you are a sinner and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Can’t be that easy, yes, it is, the problem is not in the ability of Jesus, it is in your head. It does not cost you anything except willingness to do it, but for Jesus it did cost Him his life and humiliation and much more, and now it is a free gift to you, take the biggest step of your life, and the travel is free, it is already payed for.

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