Who are the peacemakers. The seventh blessed are. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Who are the peacemakers?

The words of Jesus are a river of life that streams on, you can jump into it and live with it or stay on the bank. I advise you take the chance and jump. The word of Jesus is spirit and life, jump grasp it, cling to it, do not let I go not understood. Blessed are the peacemakers, Jesus made this law of blessing that includes the peacemakers so who are they, how can they be peacemakers. The world of today experience more peace efforts than ever before, and more flames of wars than ever before, they say peace peace, but there is no peace, just anger, lies and hidden agendas and multitudes of victims. We need the answer, who are the peacemakers, where do we find them, peacemakers stand forward the world needs you.

They do not deserve the love of Christ

The sixth blessed are is about people with a pure heart, to be a peacemaker you need a pure heart, the source of thoughts need to be clean as a drop of water from the heaven’s heaven. The sixth blessed are needs to be fulfilled before a soul can be a peacemaker, the peace is a fruit of a pure heart. In the peacemaker there is no selfishness or hidden agenda for his/hers work. The mind and hands are clean they know that the rays of light from Jesus shines straight through them for all to see. They know they are forgiven of multitudes of sins; they know they do not deserve the love of Christ, they are ready to present the Gospel and take the assault from people, insults and lies even prison and death.

Work in factories making armoury

The peacemakers cannot be provoked, they are not afraid of death, they are already dead. If you kick or hit a dead person, it does not hit or kick back. The peacemakers are dead towards this world, however alive on earth and in heaven for Christ Jesus. A peacemaker can be listed and serve in the army and present peace there, he or her can work in factories making armoury and present peace there. To the peacemaker the people is the target not ideas or intent, they can love people in a bar, in a nightclub, yes in every environment, Jesus loves every woman and man the same and the peacemakers can give the love of Christ to them without condemnation.  

Or lead you astray

And finally, how to become a peacemaker. Is it easy? No, can you do it quickly? No. Do you need patience? Yes, you do. Does it take many years? Yes, it does. Do I need to read the whole Bible? Yes, and keep on repeating until you understand the words and the context. Can a bible school or Bible study lead me to be a peacemaker? No, however it can help you, or lead you astray, you need the map and compass, the Bible to get back on track or to stay in the Word, in Jesus.  

He is the best and knows it all.

Can I stick to one Bile or do I need to read many? You do not need many Bibles; However, you need to check the meaning of Hebrew in the Old Testament and Greek in the New Testament. But this is a lot of work, yes, it is. And more, you also need a church and mentors who are true to the Words in Greek and Hebrew. There must be an easier way, no there is no easy way, Jesus said that the gate is straight and the way narrow and few are those who find it. But who can tell me what is right? You need to be filled with The Holy Spirit, He will lead you, He is the counsellor and there is no better, He is the best and knows it all. Good luck, people are waiting for you, another peacemaker.  

A small trickling stream

If you do not know Jesus you are living in a lost world, you must leave it and cross the blessed river, you will walk into the water as a dirty goat and come up on the other side as a clean cheep. The river is the Words of God. This river starts like a small trickling stream and the water level rises as you walk through the understanding of the Words, the refreshing water will purify your heart and fill your thoughts as you progress and lift your inmagination towards the sky. Call on Jesus and admit you are a sinner “a dirty goat” and ask Him to lead you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. God bless you.

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