How to move into the spiritual realm. Genesis 6:17-22

The real world

God now told Noah what He would do, what was going to happen, Noah knew that this did not depend on him, it was the work of God, it was based on a detailed prophesy. This is the way God does things, first the words. The words are not a one-sided contract; it is a contract, a covenant between God the architect and the son, the Word. In addition, when the words are spoken, it is finished in the real world, the spiritual world and then God forms it from the perfect model using humans on earth.

The way to rescue

Noah knew God and relaxed in His words, but felt sorry for the world, now there was no way back, however Noah kept on talking to all that wondered what he was doing, building a boat where there had never been any water. In this way, God brought people to Noah for him to tell them about God’s goodness and the way to rescue and safety.

Male and female

Just a mark on verse 19, where God says; “And of every living thing [found on land], you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and femaleThis tells Noah to bring pairs of all living into the box, not one pair, but that they should be a pair, male and female.

Spiritual awake

In verse 22 it says that Noah did everything, that God commanded him. Noah had a strong relationship with YHWH, he knew His name and could hear His voice and distinct every word, not to miss anything. Noah was spiritual awake, and Noah probably did not do a lot of talking, but he was attentive and alert, ready to listen.

To hear with clarity

We in our walk with God have problems with us being humans and God being a spirit, we need to move into the spiritual realm and we can do that by studeing the words that Jesus spoke, they are spirit and life. The Word, Jesus is the truth, but the truth will not set us free to hear the words of God with clarity. Jesus gives us the key in John 8:32;And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Who can set me free from myself?

Knowing the truth will set you free. They asked Jesus; “Free from what”?  Jesus came to set people free from their own sin and to give them eternal life. The sin hinders us from hearing the words of God, we are in a prison of sin and the words of God are on the outside, in the free. The only way into the free words of God is to know the truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth.” To come close to God and his words we need to know Jesus, see John 17:3.

  1. Where is the real world?
  2. Do we understand the Words of God?
  3. Where do you find the knowledge you need?
  4. Do you live in a prison?

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