Medics get sick too. Genesis 6: 13-14


God new Noah well, and Noah knew God, so God decided to reveal the secret to Noah that He was going to destroy almost all the living on earth, God was leaking this secret to Noah, knowing that Noah believed in Him and would try to warn the people around him. God said, “Make yourself an ark”

The box

God did not tell Noah to make a boat, He told him to make a box that could accommodate himself, his family, and some pairs of all the animals and flying creatures and provisions needed. The rooms and decks in the box and the coat outside and inside were vital. How the box moved on the water was not important, God looked after them.

No sailor

Noah had faith in God, he was probably no sailor, he did not know what he was doing, he just knew the architect. For Noah everything was impossible, how could he catch all the animals and birds, and how could he close the huge door. Noah was just obedient and did not care how ridicules it looked.

The truth

Believe in God through Jesus do not believe in what you experience and see, it is not the truth. We need medics, but medics get sick too. The truth is not in scholars, the truth is not in knowledge or ideas, the truth is not something, the truth is a person and his name is Jesus.


  1. Did God want to kill all the people that died in the flood?
  2. Do we need God in everything we do?
  3. What is the truth?

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