The Magi from the east, who were they, how many and do we know their names. They knew that the king would be borne in Bethlehem, so why did they go to Jerusalem. Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12

Many Jews stayed

Here in these verses we can learn a lot from just reading the words with accuracy and acceptance. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the wise men from the east came to Jerusalem. These men were wise because they had studied the scripture, they were learned people and probably Jews, living somewhere in the ancient Persian area, could be in Iran or as far east as India. They were not astrologists, they did not explore the sky, they believed in YHWH, the OT God and they knew Him and communicated with Him. They wanted to find this King of the Jews and worship Him. These wisemen were of the Jews who stayed in the Persian kingdom when some Jews went back to rebuild the temple and the Jerusalem wall.

2 years old and less

These wise men knew that the coming king of the Jews would be born in Bethlehem, so why did they go to Jerusalem, they could have gone straight to Bethlehem and asked their way to find Jesus. King Herod the king asked them about the time when the star appeared that signaled that the king of the Jews was born. And the wise men told the king when they first saw the star and it could have been about 18 months prior, because Herod the great ordered his soldiers to kill all the children in the area from 2 years old and less.

Money they needed

These wise men, not kings and we don’t know how many and the Bible does not tell us their names. They followed the star, and recognized this as the same they saw in the east and it moved and stood still above a house, not a stable, and they went in where the young child, not a baby, was and worshiped Him, most likely in Jerusalem. They gave the young child expensive gifts, Gold, and expensive spices. These was not gifts, to be kept for later, but money they needed when God told Joseph to escape and hide in Egypt.

The spiritual personality of Jesus

These men knew God and the vital importance of this King of the Jews recently being born, they had studied the words of God most of their grown up life, as custom was when you became a disciple of God and they meditated on the words of God every day. Their souls were filled with God’s Word, the spiritual personality of Jesus, and they heard word from God. Now in Jerusalem God talked to them in a dream and probably saved their life by instructing them to go back to their country by another way than where they came when they entered Jerusalem.  If you know Jesus, you will hear his voice and He will keep you in peace and security.  


  1. What do you need if you do not hear the voice of Jesus?
  2. How do you check the bible text you are reading?
  3. Do you need to pray long prayers?
  4. Is God senile, or hears badly or having bad memory?
  5. Does God’s eyes travel throughout the world to see how you are doing?

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