Are you in the same boat as Jehoiachin the grandson of Josiah and the son of Jehoiakim? From Matthew 1:11 commented and questions


Why is Jehoiachin picked by God to be an ancestor to Jesus, he only reigned for three months and ten days in Jerusalem before being transported to Babylon and put in prison with his servants, 6 sons and wives. During 37 years in prison Jehoiachin got two more sons and survived Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon and Evil-merodach his son released Jehoiachin from prison.

What happened

18 years old Jehoiachin became king and was 55 when Evil-merodach released him from prison and put him above all the other captured kings in Babylon. Jehoiachin ate with the kings table and Evil-merodach gave him a daily allowance the rest of his life. During his three months and ten days reign he did against God, ungodly and evil, however 37 years later Jehoiachin is blessed and favoured by God, what happened?

New garments

From his grandfather Josiah, the child Jehoiachin had learned about YHWH the only God and the Law of Moses. Jehoiachin rebelled as his father did and provoked God to anger, however Jehoiachin knew God, and in the Babylon prison he repented and prayed to Him for help. God is good and slow to anger and released Jehoiachin from himself and the prison door opened and Evil-merodach spoke nice words to him and gave him new garments.

In the same “prison”

We are in the same boat as Jehoiachin, in the same “prison” to know God is not enough, we need to know him through his son Jesus, repent and change our environment influencing our thinking and follow Him. It is never too late, for Jehoiachin it took 37 years and God picked him to be an ancestor of Jesus.


  • Is Jesus talking to you?
  • Who hears the voice of Jesus?
  • What is the sign that you belong to Jesus?

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