What happen when we sin, compared to when Adam and Eve sinned. Genesis 3:16-19 commented and questions

The woman cursed

The curse on the woman came because of sin, not because God was angry and wanted to punish her. God wanted everything good for His creation. God warned Adam that if they ate of the forbidden fruit they would die. The life is in the spirit in man; Adam was born with God’s spirit within.

No temptation

To be alive is having the spirit of God, the same spirit as the spirit of Jesus. Having the spirit of God, Adam and Eve was in perfect harmony, they were both subdued to God and in that sense they were equal, the only difference was that Eve was made a helper to Adam, but as helper Eve was on the same level as Adam because they both had no sin and were obedient to God. They had God’s spirit and if the devil kept the distance, they had no temptation to resist.

Works automatically

When Eve sinned, her spirit lost the connection with the spirit of God, and the spiritual compass and map were gone, she died. Now the goodness of God did not surround her anymore, the struggle started. However, God did not hate her, no God still loved her and looked after her, but the autopilot of goodness stopped working. She now had to give birth to children in pain and her relation to man did change too, her longing would be for her husband and the husband would rule over her, they were no longer equal.

When we sin

When we sin, we are not in the same trouble as Adam and Eve. When saved in the name of Jesus we do not lose the connection with God, the spiritual light is just dimmed some, however if we go on sinning the light is getting darker until we don’t see where we are going. However, the connection to God is still there for us to turn it on again if we want to, by prayer and the word of God. Remember that Jesus became sin for us, He died for you to live.


The curse of Adam was that the good days with God was over, now the struggle for the existence started, the soil to cultivate was not the same anymore, and it did not grow only the beneficial plants but weeds as well. In addition, sorrow and toil would be part of his life from now on. Cain killed Abel, and Adam had become a slave in sorrow and pain. Finally, Adam and Eve would die and go back to the dust from which God created Adam. They were before the sin, immortal; they would live forever in harmony with God and fill the earth in goodness and glory, however not anymore.


  1. How does God make laws?
  2. Can God just change the laws he made?
  3. Does God love everyone?
  4. Are children borne innocent and good?

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