The charm and charisma of the good-looking fellow Genesis 3:1-5 comments and questions


The serpent was crafty and probably a good-looking and charismatic creature able to seduce Eve with the help of Satan, the master of deceit. Satan orchestrated the scene between the serpent and Eve and Eve was probably alone, Satan picked a time when God and Adam were somewhere else. This was before the curse and Satan were in the Garden of Eden sent from God to help Adam and Eve there.

The seed of doubt

The serpent seduced Eve and said, “Can it really be that God has said…..”. The serpent suggested that Eve must have understood it wrongly, the serpent played on the fact that Eve did not have it from God directly, but from Adam, maybe Eve thought that Adam got it wrong, because she even quoted wrongly what God told Adam, that they could not even touch the forbidden fruit, God did not say that.

The real fight

The scene was not the serpent trying to seduce Eve, but Satan’s attack on the dominion on earth, that God gave to man in Genesis 1:26. Eve probably went to Adam and talked to him about what the “gentleman”, the serpent had told her, and they both went together to the tree with the fruit that could give them knowledge about good and evil, the same knowledge as God had, maybe they could be like God?  

Desired to be God

To be like God is the idea and goal of Satan, he wanted to be God, that’s why God took him from power, from his high position in heaven. Satan’s idea to be like God was what the serpent tempted Eve with, and she felt the temptation and together with Adam, they saw that the forbidden fruit was so nice. How fantastic and tempting the fruit looked must have persuaded them to try their luck on the words of Satan in the mouth of the serpent. They disobeyed God, ate of the fruit and the curse and death came into play. Now they had given away their authority, not to the serpent, but to Satan, the orchestra leader who danced and smiled in the background.

A big mouth

Satan is the master of deceit; our problem is not that Satan is lying to us, but that he is so extremely good at it. Satan is not just lying; he is a liar; he thinks his lies are the truth. If you consider what is going on in the political life of today, it is obvious that Satan is running the show. Satan is so good at what he is doing, that the only way to detect his work is by The Holy Spirit in the Word of God. Through Jesus, you can see the devil stripped of his charm and elegance. Through the Word of Jesus, Satan looks like the demon he is, small, but with a big mouth. If you would like to detect the lies going on in world of today, just ask Jesus into your heart and he will open up your understanding.


  1. How smart is the devil?
  2. Can we trust our senses?
  3. Who is governing this world today?

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