We must decide to leave “this world”, Genesis 2:4-9 commented and questions

Life giving

Seven days had passed, it was seven evenings and mornings, and the days were real days, 24-hour days. The heavens and the earth were there to be seen, but nothing else. Then God changed the desolate land into the beautiful life-giving Garden of Eden, with animals, fish, and birds. He also needed someone there to look after it all.

The mist

From verse 5 we understand that the ground of the earth was filled with seeds ready to sprout and grow when water was added, and God made a mist to water the entire surface of the earth and all kind of plants and trees started to sprout all over the earth. Then God made the Garden of Eden for the man to live in. God put man He had created in the garden for them to enjoy cultivating it and to eat of the trees.

Two trees

In verse 9 God caused to grow from the ground every tree. Moreover, we can anticipate that it took a time for the trees to grow and give fruit, maybe 20 years before He formed man from the dust and put him in the garden to cultivate it and live there. Also, God put in the midst of the Garden the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, one of them the man could eat from, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the man was not allowed to eat.

Love returned

Why did God put the forbidden tree in the garden, and made it look so desiring filled with beautiful fruits? It might be easy to accept and maybe to understand, but it is difficult to explain. God made man with a free will to choose, God loved His creation and it might be that God wanted man to return His love back to Him, not as something automatic, but by the freedom to choose. God does not force us to love Him, we must decide to leave “this world”, change our lives, sacrifice the easy way and follow Him on the narrow road called Jesus.


  • How long did it take God to create everything?
  • Why should we love God?
  • What does it mean to love someone?
  • Do we need Jesus?

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