We are in big trouble. Joram, called Jehoram in OT, the son of Jehoshaphat, the grandson of Asa, from Matthew 1:8 commented and questions

God wanted to help him

Joram is next in line, he was the firstborn of Jehoshaphat’s seven sons and that is why he became king. Joram killed his six brothers and did what they did in the northern kingdom, worshipped all kind of gods, he was a bad and terrible king. At the age of 32, he became king and reined eight years in Jerusalem. One of the main reasons for his evilness was his relationship with Ahab’s family, he also like his father married one of Ahab’s daughters. “Bad company corrupt good manners” Even in his evilness, God wanted to help him turn around and start all over. By Elijah one of God’s prophets He sent Joram a letter and told him his terrible destiny that laid ahead of him. And God told him the reason for his unfortunate destiny.

In terrible pain

And here is why, the way he conducted his people to worship false gods and the way he conducted his own life, murdering his brothers. Because of what Joram did, the letter says that YHWH was going to strike Joram’s family and his possessions and himself to suffer a terrible intestinal disease. All this happened because Joram did not repent and ask God for help. Joram died in terrible pain alone, all his family being executed, Joram became 40 years of age.

Still on the line

What can we learn from the Joram story, yes that without Jesus suffering for us, we are in big trouble? We cannot live our life alone; we need help to take the right decisions to know where the straight road goes. Joram, a terrible and bad king is still on the line to Jesus.


  1. What is making you good enough?
  2. How can you help people?
  3. What is the truth?   

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