No need for birth control, Spiritual creation, no physical evidence. Taken from Genesis 1:29-31 comments and questions

The gift

God made everything and gave authority over the earth to man by the words He said, it became a heavenly law. At that time there was no physical evidence of the trees and plants, animals, and man, all were in the spiritual and perfect. Moreover, in the spiritual, God saw it and validated it. God gave plants and fruit for food, there was no need to kill, the life was forever, and the earth was rich and big enough as the earth still is today.


In that progress of creation God made man to live forever, multiply and have children, no death. Imagine how many inhabitants would be living on earth today if Adam and Eve had listened to God and not eaten of the fruit. Today the earth is under the curse and does not work as it would have without the sin. Despite the vast number of people on earth, it would have been enough for all by the blessings of God, however even today we do not need birth control, we need the love of God, his name is Jesus.


*      Do we need birth control?

*      Does God live in the spiritual realm?

*      How old were man meant to be?

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