Heavenly magic, and a cow is a cow, The first half of day six, notes on Genesis 1:24-25, commented by ASV and questions שלום חברי

He did it all by words

Then once again God started the day by speaking, “God said”, He is using words to create, the words of God is heavenly magic, they are wonders from the mouth of God, He did it all by words. We should pay reverence to the words God spoke, and to the Words He speaks.

Everything is pivoting around words

God said, “Let the earth bring forth” He is willing the earth to bring forth, God is communicating with His creation by words, everything is pivoting around words. We should be very attentive when God is talking. God is spirit and we are humans, we have to learn to think like God, to see the truth in every word God speaks.

To their kind, a cow is a cow

God gave the earth the responsibility to bring forth living creature according to their kind, so the earth is looking after and feeding the living creatures and makes they stay to their kind. What does “to their kind” mean? In verses, 24 and 25 God is mentioning to their kind three times, it must be particularly important. God is explaining to us that a cow is a cow, a goat is a goat and a sheep is a sheep, do not mess with it.

Crawling things, not pets

God also told the earth to bring forth “livestock, crawling things, and wild animals” God made the livestock to be livestock (cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and so on). If you have a pet, it should be among the livestock. In addition, God made crawling things to be crawling things, not livestock and not pets.

You do not put wild animals in cages

God also made wild animals; they are animals, however also wild. You don’t put wild animals in cages, they are wild and belong to the “wild” their beauty is in the free, among trees, on mountains and valleys or in rivers and they are definitely not pets. God is now halfway through on day six of the creation, all the animals are created, now He is going to create someone to be with like a friend, to have fellowship with, the man (Humans).

A good friend

If you need a friend, a good friend, a faithful friend, ask Jesus, invite Him in and He will walk with you forever and nobody knows you as He does.


  1. How important are words?
  2. What did bring forth living creatures?
  3. What does to their kind mean?

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