The third “blessed are” the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Taken from Matthew 5:5 commented by ASV and questions

To understand meekness

Here Jesus informs us of an incredibly special group of people, those who shall inherit the earth. Therefore, become legally owners of this earth, all the countries, all the nature; rivers, lakes, mountains, all the forests, all the cities, owner of everything on this planet, because they are meek. Here is everything, do what you want with it. There are no other conditions than being meek. To understand meekness, we need to look at Jesus what He did. He did not do His own will, He heard what His Father said and said the same, He saw what His Father did, then He also did it.

If you are the son of God

He followed The Holy Spirit out into the wilderness where He neither had water nor food, just left with His meekness against the devil and his temptations who attacked Him after 40 days when Jesus suffered of both hunger and thirst. If you are the son of God, just tell these stones to become bread and the problem is solved. Jesus was the son of God, He learned that through the scripture He did not have to prove it.

Meekness is not weakness

The devil tempted the meek one, the meek one however cited the words of His Father; that man does not live by bread alone, but of every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The devil tempted Jesus two more times, however every time Jesus responded by citing the word of God and exercised His strength by ordering the devil to leave Him and angles came and served Him. The meek one came out victorious, meekness is not weakness, but power and strength in the words of wisdom to justification of inheriting the earth. The meek shall rule and manage their property, the earth.


  1. Do our feelings work for us or against us?
  2. What or who is our enemy?
  3. What is strength?
  4. Do we need help being meek?
  5. Did Jesus receive help?

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