The second “blessed are” they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. From after Matthew 5:4 commented by ASV and questions

Sinners without hope

Those who mourn, how can they be blessed, when we are blessed, we are given something we need or want, happiness or something physical like gifts or jobs for instance. However as always, we need to look closer at the original text in Greek, especially at the word mourn. In Greek it is the word πενθοῦντες pronounced penthountes. It means to mourn, lament, or feel gilt. In this context with “blessed are” I chose the option “feel gilt” in other words, those who have concluded that they are guilty, has realized their position as sinners without hope.

Cannot be removed

Being aware of their sinfulness, they know they need help. To have done something wrong like steeling or lying is not bad until you are caught, then you can cry or feel bad and repent, however in your own eyes you are not that bad, and if you are freed in court you feel good even being guilty of what you are accused of, the worlds justice has given you freedom. However, feeling gilt is different, it is being examined by The Holy Spirit, you are spiritual convicted as a sinner that is guilty, there is no way out, you are convicted forever, and the only result is mourning for your guilt cannot be removed.

Blessed and comforted

This stat of hopeless mourning Jesus characterize as blessed, now the solution is at hand, in this stat you can ask for help and Jesus even urge you to pray and is ready to bless you with salvation and forgiveness. He then offers you the Comforter as your best friend, always at your side in every situation in your life to comfort you with a way out. You are blessed and comforted because you mourned over being guilty.


  1. Do you need a friend?
  2. Do you need comfort?
  3. Does comfort of this world last?

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