Jesus teach “Blessed are” on a mountain to His twelve disciples. From after Matthew 5:1-3 commented by ASV and questions

Beginning of all the sentences

I call this preaching that Jesus did on the mount after seen all the multitudes for “Blessed are” because that’s how he begins the sentences.

No hope

In the first “blessed are” we find the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. The Greek word for poor is Πτωχός pronounced ptóchos. And the word for spirit is πνεύματι pronounced pneumati. This word ptóchos means extremely poor and lacking the means to provide for oneself. Most people of today have something to live by and many are living good, some have more than they can spend. However, in their spirit they are extremely poor, without knowing it, they world says be nice and you are good. When the spirit, the pneumati comes, it is like a wind of self-examination suddenly they see themselves as sinners on the way to everlasting perdition, they are on the edge of the cliff hanging by their fingers, no hope only darkness and horror.

Holy Spirit

They are looking good with nice clothing and expensive shoes, however inside in their heart the scream is rising, I need help I need peace, where can I find it, help God where are you? They have come to the best position in their life, they are ready for the “Kingdom” they are ready for the wind to spread out their wings and fly like eagles. Just let go, ask Jesus into your heart and you are safe and on the way to be a new creature the old is gone everything is new, “Jesus be my master, take over, where you fly I will follow” with Jesus inside it is time to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and yours is the kingdom of heavens or kingdom of God.

Spiritual not physical

Matthew uses kingdom of heavens; however, Luke uses kingdom of God in the first “blessed are”. In Romans 14:17 Paul is telling the Romans that the kingdom of heavens is not to please yourself with what you would like as food and drink, but it is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy spirit. Jesus says that the blessings for those who are poor in spirit are spiritual not physical. Righteousness, peace, and joy you will find in the spiritual realm, being poor in spirit you are prepared to enter the kingdom of heaven with the spirit of Jesus inside see Colossians 1:16


If you are in Jesus and Jesus in you, it is possible to be happy in this world were the lie becomes the truth and right is wrong and injustice is in every courtroom. The world is not going to be a better place, but worse every day until hell breaks loose on this planet. However, in Jesus you can be of good cheer, your home is not here, Jesus went ahead and made a room for you in heaven. When this world gets more terrible day by day the redemption is coming closer, rejoice for Jesus has overcome this world and one day He will take you home.


  1. Does Jesus really love everyone, killers, liars, thieves, drug addicts, sinners of every kind?
  2. Is the love of Jesus big enough?
  3. Is Jesus the only solution?
  4. Is it to late to find Jesus on your deathbed?
  5. Does Jesus accept abortion?
  6. are more unborn babies being killed today than the victims in the second world war?
  7. Are you a murderer?
  8. Can you be forgiven?

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