Herod the great Slaughters the Babies, after Matthew 2:16-23 commented by ASV and questions

Maybe three days or a week

At the time when king Herod called for the magi, he was about 65 years old and mentally very unstable and morbidly afraid of loosing his power. He killed some of his sons and wives even his favorite wife. And now somebody came and told him a new king was born. He had to stop this king from growing up. To achieve this, he asked the magi to return to him when they had found this king for him also to come and worship. Herod tried to con the magi, instead God saved them by revealing in a dream to take another way home. After this Herod waited, maybe three days or a week before he understood that the magi had tricked him, then he sent his soldiers to the Bethlehem area to destroy the child by killing all the children there, two years or younger.

Go home

By that time Joseph, Maria and the young child had passed Bethlehem and were well on their journey to Egypt. God saved his precious son by talking to a carpenter and lead him and his young family to safety. There they survived by God’s blessings, a carpenter’s skill and gold and spices from the magi. A while after, could have been two years, king Herod died, as told, a very painful death. Then God talked to Joseph again. Here is a carpenter from Galilee, a young girl, maybe sixteen years and a little boy, God the creator of the universe guides them, it is safe now, Herod is dead, go home. Thus, God fulfilled His Prophesy “From Egypt I called my son”

Crucified 2000 Jews

When the little family arrived at Israel, they heard that Archelaus, one of the sons of Herod the great, reigned there. Archelaus did rule with cruelty and lack of wisdom resulting in having his soldiers kill about 3000 protesting Jews in the temple. He also failed to turn down a Jewish revolt making the Romans take over, they broke down the rebellion and crucified 2000 Jews alongside the roads for people to observe when passing by. And when Joseph heard that Archelaus reigned in Judea they were afraid of staying in Jerusalem and continued their journey and settled down in Nazareth to fulfill another of God’s prophesies, that Jesus was to be called a Nazarene.


  1. Do you think God knows everything about you?
  2. Does God have a plan?
  3. Can somebody stop this plan?
  4. Does God love murders?

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