Abihud, Eliakim, Azor, Achim, Eliud, Eleazar, Matthan all of them royal kinship, and Jacob the father of Joseph the “father of Jesus”, from the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew, from Matthew 1:13-16 commented by ASV and questions

Saviour of mankind

We don’t know much about the ancestors of Jesus from the exile in Babylon and to His birth, about five hundred years, the dark years with no Jewish kings or rule. What we do know is that YHWH, the only God protected the royal ancestors of Jesus from Abihud to Jacob the father of Joseph the husband of Mary the mother of Christ, the anointed one, saviour of mankind.

From extinction

Those five hundred years were characterized by wars, battles and the ruling empire changing rapidly. However, the royal line to Jesus survived, Joseph originates from king David. In 522 BC Darius I becomes king of Persia, in 486 BC, king Xerxes takes over, and in 479 BC Esther becomes queen of Persia and saves the Jews from extinction. In 465 BC Artaxerxes becomes king of Persia and Persian kings ruled until Alexander the Great of Macedonia defeats the Persian king Darius III and the Greeks took over, conquering Judea in 332 BC. Greek kings ruled Judea until the Maccabees rebelled and gained control over Judea and the temple once more and in 152 BC Jonathan Maccabeus established the Hasmonaean dynasty which ruled Judea until 67 BC when the Roman Emperor Pompey came and made Judea a Roman Province. 40 BC king Herod is appointed a Roman Governor of Galilee, and in 37 BC appointed king of the Jews by the Romans.

Always accomplishing his prophesies

What happened to the common people during those 500 dark years? All those kingdoms and rulers needed armies, soldiers, many soldiers. Troops went through the countries looking for strong boys suitable to become a good soldier. When they found someone, they just took them and taxed the families to equip their son or sons or pay for the gear they needed. When a king lost a battle and thus lost a lot of soldiers, they just went back to their country or kingdom and spend some years collecting more soldiers, who suffered were the people, not the king. If an officer with his troops collecting soldiers saw a pretty girl, he took her for the king’s harem. That’s how the families were treated during those 500 years. However, YHWH, the only God held his hand over the Jews and protected the ancestor line all the way to Christ, God is always accomplishing his prophesies


  1. Do you trust God?
  2. How do you gain faith?
  3. How do you repent?

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