Shealtiel and Zerubbabel, the grandson and son of Jehoiachin from the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew, from Matthew 1:11 commented by ASV and questions

God of heaven

Shealtiel the next in line, son of the king Jehoiachin, in Matthew called Jeconiah. Shealtiel son of a king, born in Babylon, learned about YHWH and the history of the Jews in captivity and the Hebrews and Jerusalem. Shealtiel passed this information further to his son Zerubbabel, the man leading the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. He among many others in captivity responded to the call from king Cyrus when he claimed that the God of heaven had told him to build a temple in Jerusalem.

That’s what people called the God of the Hebrews

Somebody finds it strange that Cyrus addresses God by his name, YHWH, however that’s what people called the God of the Hebrews in the Old Testament, and they also knew Him as the God of heaven. Cyrus didn’t mean He was the only God, He was just the God in heaven, not on earth, not in the sea, not the god of war or peace and so on, and He didn’t defend his people when defeated and brought to Babylon.

Both ancestors

YHWH God stirred Cyrus spirit to release all the Jews in his kingdom, and sent with them 5400 pieces of silver, gold and bronze which Nebuchadnezzar brought from the temple in Jerusalem to Babylon. Many of the Jews went and Zerubbabel a royal son of Shealtiel lead the building of the new temple and defending it against a hostile enemy in the area. Shealtiel grandson of the patient king, Jehoiachin who suffered 37 years imprisonment, Zerubbabel and Shealtiel, both ancestors of and on the line to Jesus.


  1. How high are you valued by God?
  2. Do God know what you are going through?
  3. Does God have a name?

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