Manasseh, the son of Hezekiah from the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew, from Matthew 1:10 commented by ASV and questions


Manasseh, another evil king, begun his reign only 12 years old. He learned through his youth how to relate to YHWH by his father Hezekiah, maybe the Godliest king in the history of Israel. Most likely Manasseh co-reigned with his father before Hezekiah died. So, in the beginning of his teenager years becoming king independent from his fathers advises, Manasseh rebelled and did everything contrary to what his father had told him.

YHWH loved Manasseh

His evilness had not limit, he killed innocent people and filled Jerusalem with blood, he killed his own son sacrificing him in the fire, he let his people sacrifice and worship as they wanted, he worshiped the sun, the moon and stars, he practiced divination, witchcraft and sorcery, he set up an carved image in the temple, the house of God. Manasseh provoked YHWH to anger, he had his people act eviler than the nations God had destroyed before the nation of Israel. However, YHWH loved Manasseh like He loves you, and He spoke to the king and his people, however they would not listen.

Forgave him

YHWH’s purpose is to save everyone from Satan and this evil world, even Manasseh. God brought the Assyrian army against Judah and captured Manasseh and pierced a hook through his nose and led him by chains from Jerusalem on foot to Babylon and there threw him in a dungeon probably being tortured there. Manasseh was in great distress in Babylon and suddenly understood it all, that YHWH the God of his father was the only God. In Babylon Manasseh repented and plea to God for mercy, and God listen to the extremely evil king and forgave him, brought him to Jerusalem and restored him as the king of Judah.

How Jesus suffered

How could this happen, how could God just forget every evil thing that Manasseh had done like it didn’t happen, is this fair. God forgave people in The Old Testament because of Jesus, He took all the evil things that Manasseh did upon himself, not only what Manasseh did, but all evilness in the world God laid upon His Son Jesus, could you imagine how Jesus suffered on the cross, I cannot it is beyond my understanding. If you would like God’s salvation just plea like Manasseh did.

The forgiven evil king

In Jerusalem he was a new person, The Spirit of God led his life and Manasseh understood that in this evil world the enemy stood continuously “at the gate” ready to attack. The king removed all ungodly things from Jerusalem and restored it back to Godly worship like when his father lived. The wall of Jerusalem was maid thicker and higher, and the cities of Judah were fortified and had its own commander, the king protected his people.  Manasseh the forgiven evil king on the line to Jesus


  1. Does God love you?
  2. How do you catch the love of God to work in your life?
  3. Where is the evilness located?

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