Ahaz, the son of Jotham from the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew, from Matthew 1:9 commented by ASV and questions

Even more

Ahaz became king at the age of 20, reigned 16 years over Judah, then he died only 36. He was an evil king, however that was not his main problem. The people of Judah suffered more under Ahaz then under any other king in Israel. Ahaz did everything contrary to what YHWH his God had told him through His words. God punished Ahaz to teach him to turn around and follow Him, however it led to Ahaz doing against God even more.

Naked and barefoot

Ahaz killed several of his sons by sacrificing them in the fire, he rebuild or relocated holy things in front of or in the Temple and build a new alter after a model of an alter Ahaz saw in Damascus and placed it in front of the temple.  And the people suffered by loosing battles, to the king of Aram of Syria, a vast number of the people of Judah being led away as slaves, to Pekah the king of the ten tribes of Israel, killed 120,000 soldiers in one day and led away 200,000 from Judah, naked and barefoot.

Evil king

Then the Edomites and the Philistines also beat Judah and led away a huge number of captives, however Ahaz didn’t understand and turn to God, he turned worse and sacrificed to false gods everywhere, on every corner and on every high place and under every oak. Ahaz increased his evil acts and left his people with no restrain or discipline. Ahaz and the people provoked YHWH, and the king and his people suffered continuously until Ahaz died at the age of 36. Ahaz an indescribable evil king causing his people to suffer immensely, however still on the line to our savor Christ Jesus.


  1. How do we turn evil?
  2. Do we need moral and discipline?
  3. What did Ahaz need?
  4. What do we need?

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