Bad people, prostitutes, and murderers. The Genealogy of Jesus. from Matthew 1:1-6

Bad people

The Bible is Gods story of normal people, borne after the sin in the Garden of Eden where Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden fruit which lead to the fact that every human being is borne “evil” not good. There is nothing good in us, we could act good, however are bad.

Also, normal people

The Genealogy of Jesus the Messiah is containing some of those bad people starting with Abraham the husband of Sarah. He was a liar, he “forced” his wife to say she was Abraham’s sister pretending that she was not his wife. Abraham sacrificed his wife to be a part of Pharaoh’s harem in Egypt and later of king Abimelech’s harem in Gerar. How would you describe such a person? Isaac the son of Abraham did the same also in Gerar with Rebekah, he “forced” her to lie saying she was his sister, just like his father. Isaac also favored Esau in front of Jacob. Abraham and Isaac were “bad people” but also normal people.

Into prostitutes

Jacob the next in line did cheat his blind Father, pretending he was Esau his brother steeling his blessings. Then Judah the fourth son of Jacob, he left his family for several years, married a Canaanite woman worshiping foreign gods and went into prostitutes.  Tamar the daughter in law of Judah pretended to be a prostitute when Judah passed by and he went into her and she became pregnant with her father in law having twins, Perez and Zerah. The result of a daughter in law sleeping with her father in law, Perez God picked to continue the Genealogy of Jesus having a son Hezron.

A prostitute

Further in the line we find Salmon who is said to be one of the spies Joshua sent to spy out Jericho, he married Rahab, a prostitute living on top of the wall surrounding Jericho. She helped the two Israelite spies, and she survived the attack as the only one. Salmon and Rahab had a boy named Boaz who married Ruth, they again had a son named Obed who was the father of Jesse the father of the king David. So, the great great grandmother of king David was a prostitute elected by God to be on the line to the Messiah.

Uriah refused

Usually king David during spring and summer time led his army controlling the country and conquering cities. However, this spring/summer he spends his time at his home. One day he went up on the wall of Jerusalem just to relax and look around. From there he saw a beautiful woman taking a shower outside, David lusted and sent for her, slept with her and she got pregnant. Her name was Bathsheba the wife of Uriah. Because Bathsheba got pregnant David called for Uriah and gave him permission to stay with his wife for a time, however Uriah refused, he wanted to go back to the Battle-zone and fight with his fellow soldiers.

Had Uriah killed

And what did David do, yes, he sent a message with Uriah to the army commander and in this way had Uriah killed. Then David took Bathsheba to his home as wife. God said that David was a man after His heart, a killer and a liar and a thief stealing another man’s wife. And what about Bathsheba, she probably knew that king David stayed home this spring/summer and daily went on top of the wall and could see her from there, she probably wanted David to see her when she was naked having a shower.

Normal bad people

David and Bathsheba later had a son they called Solomon who was a result of a killer sleeping with an adulterous woman and God picked him to be on the line to Christ Jesus. David and Bathsheba were normal bad people.

Ask Jesus into your heart

If you are not saved you also are a normal human with an evil heart. You need to have Jesus change your heart, you need the spirit of Jesus to leave the prison of sin, to see and understand in this evil and corrupt world. Just say; “Jesus come into my heart and take over my life, I am a sinner and fill me with The Holy Spirit. You can do it where you are, you do not need a church or a pastor.


  • Are we good or bad?
  • Could we change?
  • What is salvation?
  • What prison are we in?

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