New Testament, Preface to the gospel of Matthew

Asking the wrong questions

This is a preface to the gospel of Matthew, not a preface to Matthew. Did Matthew write it? When did he write it? Where did he write it? Or in what language did he write it? No, you are asking the wrong questions, the gospel is not about Matthew, it is about somebody else, it is about God, it is about Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Is this gospel really the words of God? Yes, it is.

Greedy and corrupt

Matthew was not an author, he was a tax collector, and he was considered a traitor working for the Romans, taxing the Jews. Matthew was not able to write the gospel and he did not have time either, he was occupied by taking money from people, he was greedy and corrupt. But one day of his busy life at his tax boot his life changed.

Follow me

Suddenly Jesus stood in front of his booth. Jesus stood there, He didn’t say much, He didn’t talk nicely to Matthew, He didn’t start with, “Hey, Matthew how are you?…. listen I have a proposition for you……….” Jesus just said; “follow me“ it was not a conversation, it was an order and Matthew obeyed, he left the booth. Jesus turned Matthew little by little into a soldier. However there at the boot in the middle of people Jesus saved Matthew from himself, from his greed, answering, no I need to earn more money and go on living my luxury life. With Mathew Jesus did what He came from heaven to earth to do, saving people from their sins.

Selling death

Matthew as everyone else was in the middle of a losing war, in fact he had gone over to the enemy. How does this war work; it is between a human and his sins, in this case between Matthew and his sins. The war started when Matthew was born and worked its way through his life ending up behind a boot desk stealing from his own people, cheating, and lying. Behind the sins stood and agent of stealing, murdering, and destroying, a promoter of death, the devil. Sin is leading to death and the devil makes the death look so nice and tempting, he is and agent selling death, our problem is that the devil is so extremely good at it, alone against the devil we have no chance, the fight is lost, actually we are not fighting at all we are giving in with a smile.

Jesus by Matthew

There in front of the booth came Jesus, entered the battle zone, beat the devil, and saved Matthew from his prison of sins. The gates opened, and Matthew could leave the prison as a free man. All this happened in less than a twinkle of an eye. This was a war against the devil and Jesus won the battle and set the prison free to become a soldier in His army. Matthew changed and the words of Jesus filled him with the spirit of God. With Jesus Matthew learned spiritual words, by hearing those words, his heart changed to the spirit of his master and teacher. The gospel, the good news took form, first in his head then in his heart. Three years with Jesus turned Matthew into the gospel. His heart was full of the words of God, and his mouth run over with them, and his hand just completed it. Jesus by Matthew wrote this gospel.

Result in a mess

You could change like Matthew, your body soul and brain works in the same way as his, He was “brainwashed” by the words that Jesus spoke and also all what Jesus did like we can summon it up in Acts chapter 10 verse 38, “ How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.” You also can be anointed like Jesus was with The Holy Spirit and with power meeting people doing good and healing all that are oppressed of the devil. Is this possible? Yes, it is, is it easy? No, it is not. Why? Because you are already “brainwashed” by this world. However it Could be done, it is like formatting your hard drive in your computer, your brain, your way of thinking need to be empty before being filled with the Words of Jesus, if not those two ideas will mix and result in a mess of ideas and actions. Your problem is all the media, TV, internet, and all other inputs that exist in this modern society of ours.

He will change your life

First you need a library where you can find God’s Words and ideas, this is the easy part, you just ask Jesus into your heart, by inviting Him in. What then happens in less than no time at all, Jesus removes your Hard drive and replaces it with a new one, His own. He takes your spirit and throws it away not to be found anymore and installs His own spirit inside of you ready and prepared, filled with all the words of God. Then you are saved, however now starts the difficult part to move the content in your new hard drive over to your soul, your brain, your personality. You need to know Jesus as your best friend, you must learn to love Him. Jesus is all the Words in the Bible; in there you can find Him, and He will change your life, walk with you, comfort you, talk to you and give you peace.

Call His name

Jesus loves you and He longs for you to call His name. He is power of love and peace and the best friend you can think of, and He has overcome this world and is able to save you. Just say; “Jesus come into my heart and take over; I am a sinner help me and fill me with The Holy Spirit.” You do not need a church; you can do it just where you are.

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