Joseph’s final years in Egypt, his prophesies and his death. From Genesis 50:22-26 commented by ASV and questions

Their homeland

Joseph governed Egypt for about 50 more years, the country had enough of everything. Pharaoh understood that all the blessings happened because of the Israelite and they grew and rapidly became many. The Israelite however understood they had to stay in Egypt, they were not allowed to leave, so Joseph called his family and told them what God had promised, that He would lead them out of Egypt and into Canaan their homeland promised by God.

The truth

Joseph did not say this to comfort them, he said this because he knew it was the truth, and he made them swear to take with them his bones and bury him in his homeland. In this manner Joseph published to all the Israelite that Egypt was not their home, but Canaan further north across the river Jordan. Then Joseph died a hundred and ten years old.

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