After Jacob’s death Joseph’s brothers feared that he would revenge them for what they did to him 22 years ago. From Genesis 50: 15-21 commented by ASV and questions

These words hurt Joseph

When his father died Joseph was about 50 years old. His brothers believe that Joseph didn’t harm them because of the presence of their father. However now when Jacob didn’t influence Joseph anymore, they feared him and what he could do to them. They sent a message to Joseph saying that their father told them to speak to him about forgiving his brothers. And when his brothers came to him and spoke the same words, Joseph wept, these words hurt Joseph because he loved his family.

For man it is impossible

How could Joseph love his brothers, they were murders and liars and Joseph knew that God changed it to their advantage so technically the right thing to do was to forget about what they did to him, wanting to kill him, however ending up selling him as a slave to some traders passing by. To forgive like that is impossible for man to do, we can say it, however, hate in some form stays in our heart. Joseph was a normal human being and could not forgive in his heart what his brothers did to him. To forgive is not a work of man, it is God’s. Joseph could not do it, we cannot do it, for man it is impossible.

Joseph was God possessed

Joseph learned through his Father to respect God and his family, and he went on respecting and believing God through hardship as a slave and prisoner and great miracles. Joseph gave up himself and his own ambitions, he left everything to God, and God gave him a new heart. He honored God for everything that happened to him, good or bad, Joseph was God possessed, God filled his heart and his mouth overflowed by praise of his mighty and loving creator.

Because of Jesus

How could this happen, this could happen because nothing is impossible for God, He gave Joseph a credit card from His heavenly miracle bank. God saved Joseph from his own sins because of Jesus. Jesus saved Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and now Joseph, Jesus gave Joseph a new heart, He made him a new creation the old one passed away and he could forgive his brothers in his heart, and by faith in God also in his soul and body.

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