Jacob’s prophesy over Benjamin part three. From Genesis 49:27 commented by ASV and questions

More Benjaminites,

Mordecai and Esther lived in the city of Susa the the capital of the Persian Empire of 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia, and at the time of Esther and Mordecai, the king Ahasuerus ruled this huge empire. Mordecai and Esther were Benjaminites, they were obedient to the king and strongly believed in God. They lived in a foreign country and were brought there as slaves from their home country Israel, their only hope was God in a hostile and unfriendly land.

Two wolves

Mordecai served inside the king’s castle and he looked after Esther his cousin who had lost both her father and mother. As we understand the Book of Esther, they were both chosen of God to save the Jews from annihilation and they were Benjaminites with a Wolf personality. For this task, to save the Jews, God chose two wolves.

Queen Vashti

In the times of Mordecai and Esther, Vashti ruled as queen. After three years of his reign king Ahasuerus held a banquet for all his officials and his attendants which lasted for 180 days and he closed this long-lasting feast with a final banquet. In this celebration they had food and drinks in abundance and the king got merry and ordered that queen Vashti be brought to show her beauty to all the officials from the 127 provinces of his great empire.

To show her beauty

However, queen Vashti refused to come. “To show her beauty” most likely meant to dance in front of all the representatives and the king with little or no clothing on, she found this of no respect to her as queen, and she refused. The king’s consultants advised the king to dismiss Vashti as queen and give the position to another.


The king Ahasuerus lived a life as conqueror with splendour and beauty and women as a result, he was an offer to his wisemen and what they advised him to do. And the influence of drinking must have been of vital importance. The king had unlimited power except his written and signed laws. We can imagine the king signing in anger and influenced by his advisers and drinks not considering fully the consequences.

Not coincidental accidents

However, those facts existed, and the two wolves, Mordecai and Esther fully understood what they had to deal with, they knew the battle ground, the lust of a greedy and often drunk king in for them an environment of enemies.  In this battle they had no chance, they had to change the battleground to their favour. The two wolves knew that this had to be a battle for their mighty God against the evilness of their enemies. They fully trusted in God and not in coincidental accidents.

Altering the battleground

After being elected queen, Esther lived a luxury life inside the royal palace not knowing what was happening on the outside in the real life. Mordecai however picked up the information and roomer outside the palace and could inform the wolf inside. God had orchestrated the situation to perfection. When Mordecai overheard two servants planning to kill the king, he informed Esther and she brought the information to the king in the name of Mordecai. The two wolves were about to alter the battleground.

Wolf tactic

Mordecai the leading wolf, knew what was going on and instructed Esther not to reveal her identity as a Jew, the Jews were the enemy as always in the history past and in the future. Mordecai understood that God had placed a “spy” behind the enemy lines and the “spy” informed the King in the name of Mordecai, about the two servants planning to kill him, the two were hanged and the incident logged. A wolf is preparing for a future situation to gather the pack and attack the “beast” and kill it.

Her lavish life

Esther lived her lavish life inside the king’s palace, she had plenty of good food and drink, her female servants went to her attention, she lacked nothing. Life as a queen obviously influenced Esther as it would any other person, she would live in safety and enjoy all her benefits.

Do not imagine

Mordecai outside the palace saw the danger threatening himself and his people and understood what situation Esther was in and what affected her thinking, so he sent her a strong reminder of her position as a Jewish woman in a hostile country. Mordecai suggested that Esther was chosen by God to save her people from annihilation, but if she did not respond, salvation would come from another place, but she and her family would face destruction. He began his message with “Do not imagine that you in the king’s palace can escape any more than all the Jews.”

That they would praise Him

This woke Esther, and the wolf inside of her got alert and ready to attack, this was what the wolf had been waiting for. However, she needed God’s hand and wisdom, she needed prayer and fasting. The wolf inside sent a message to the wolf outside to gather all the Jews in Susa for a three day and night fast, and Mordecai did so, also Esther and her maids fasted. Then God knew they would praise Him for what was going to happen.

Orchestrated by God

Then on the third day of the fast, the wolf inside attacked, the king had not called for Esther for a month, however the wolf inside of her had to talk to the king and she risked her life and entered the inner court knowing God was with her, the king extended the golden scepter towards her and promised to give her whatever she asked for, even up to half of the kingdom, then Esther knew that she only followed the plan orchestrated by God.

Maybe shocked the king

Esther surprised, maybe shocked the king by inviting him and Haman to a banquet she already had prepared, maybe the king respected Esther more by that she risked her own live just to please him. The wolf had the enemies lower their guards, and Haman might have thought that the queen was his friend.

Esther is running the show

The king got expectant and curious to know what Esther really had in mind, what was her request. The king ordered his servants to fetch Haman at once, for them to visit Esther and her banquet. There they drank wine and got merry, then the king again asked Esther what she wanted to ask for, and Esther again surprised the king by inviting him and Haman to another banquet the next day, then she promised to reveal her secret petition.

God made things happen

Esther knew she walked in the center of God’s plan. In the night between the two banquets God made things happen;


God entered the mind of the king

The King could not sleep, something bothered him, his safety, someone tried to kill him, two guards at the gate, Bigthana and Teresh, they were hanged, however, who reported it and saved him? In the morning the King got up and ordered the chronicles to be read in front of him, Mordecai the Jew happened to be the one who saved him. The king understood that he needed people he could trust, people like Mordecai the Jew, and he felt the need for honoring Mordecai.


God blinds the enemy

God had made Haman completely off guard by being invited to Esther’s banquet and he estimated himself an important person, and when he saw Mordecai the Jew he hated him and asked his wife and his servants what to do with Mordecai, they said have a gallows of 23 meters made and in the morning ask the king to have Mordecai hanged on it. The advice pleased Haman. Hate blinds people and prevent rational thinking.


God’s timing

God’s timing to perfection. In the morning before the Esther’s second banquet, the king wanted to honor Mordecai for saving his life, and Haman came early to the court to ask for permission to hang the same Mordecai in the high gallows he had made, standing in the castle outside the palace.


God honors the good

God looks to the heart when he honors people. Now the king asked Haman what to be done to the man the king wanted to honor, Haman being full of himself thought the king meant him and presented all the best he could think of for the king. As a result Haman ended up leading Mordecai on the kings horse, dressed in the king’s royal robe and with a royal crown on his head having Haman proclaim before him, “This is what shall be done for the man whom the king desires to honor. The battleground had been changed, turned upside down.

It was personal

The king honored Haman because of the work he had done, and it pleased the king, however it was formal, it was work related. Now the king honored Mordecai because he saved the kings life, it involved feelings and privacy, it was personal, the king could trust Mordecai with his life, and more important the King would defend Mordecai.

Now was the time

The king and Haman came to Esther’s second banquet, and the king wanted to know what bothered Esther, what was it that troubled her heart and he said for the third time when they drank the wine, “What is your petition, Queen Esther? It shall be granted to you. And what is your request? Even to half of the kingdom, it shall be done.” And now was the time for Esther to open her heart and tell the king her request, now with the king and Haman present and Mordecai honoured for saving the kings life.

With deadly precision

The wolf is now in the position to attack and kill the wounded prey, Esther was not a social and nice person, she was extremely pretty, she was a beautiful young girl, maybe 16 or 17 however, she was a wolf and now she had both the king and Haman in the positions she wanted to have them.  She, the wolf launched the deadly blow at the wounded prey. She said, “let my life be spared as my petition, and my people as my request; for we have been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, killed and wiped out of existenceI can imagine the king was shocked and wanted to know who the guilty one was, and the wolf answered, “An adversary and an enemy is Haman, this evil manA wolf does not forgive he attacks with deadly precision.

Hang him on it

The king got furious and left the room and Haman plead for his life from Esther, the king came back still furious and saw Haman on the couch where Esther sat and the king said, “Will he even attempt to assault the queen with me in the palaceHearing those words, Harbonah one of the kings eunuchs said “Now look, there are gallows fifty cubits high standing at Haman’s house, which Haman made for Mordecai, whose good warning saved the king and the king still burning of anger said, “Hang him on itThen they hanged Haman on the gallows meant for Mordecai and the king calmed down and felt better, having his favourite wife and his friend Mordecai, both safe at his service.

The signet ring

Now the two wolves were in position, what kind of position, yes, the king depended on them because he felt he could trust them with his life, he felt safe and secure in their presence. He gave Esther Haman’s house and Esther gave Mordecai to govern it. Esther also told the king that Mordecai was her cousin and the king took Mordecai into his court and gave him his signet ring meaning he had the king’s authority.

The wolf in Esther

Now the two wolves were ready to attack and kill the beast. The wolf in Esther again risked her life when she entered the court, however she knew that the king depended on them. She asked the king permission to revoke Haman’s evil decree signed with the king’s signet ring to save her people and herself and Mordecai who saved the king. And the king gave them permission to write what they saw fit to solve the problem and seal it with the king’s signet ring.  

Attack and kill

Then Mordecai wrote a decree in the name of the king, sealed it with the king’s signet ring, to the 127 provinces in their own script and language and sent it on horseback. And the governors and the officials turned over to the Jews side. Many also became Jews. The decree gave the Jews the right to defend themselves and attack and kill all who might attack them. This was not a negotiation matter, no, the wolves attacked to kill the beast.

To kill more people

On the thirteen day of the month Adar, when the Jews were supposed to be annihilated, instead the Jews attacked and killed 75,000 of their enemies throughout the kingdom. In Susa, the Kapital, they killed 500 of their enemies and the ten sons of Haman. Then the king asked Esther if she wished to do more, and the wolf said she needed one more day, to kill more people and hang the dead bodies of Haman’s ten sons on the gallows. It was granted and the next day, the fourteenth, they killed another 300 in Susa and hanged Haman’s ten sons on the Gallows.

Before the beast had been slaughtered

The fear of God had fallen on all people in every province and the Jews had won their existence and they celebrated with gladness and joy. God is not mentioned in this book, however He plays the main part in the drama, and Esther trusted God and believed that He held his hand over her, over what she said and Did. To save His people God used two wolves and they did not stop before the beast had been slaughtered.

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