Jacob’s prophesy over Asher. From Genesis 49:20 commented by ASV and questions

Asher’s food [supply] shall be rich and bountiful,
And he shall yield and deliver royal delights

Belongs to the child

Asher was the second son of Jacob and Zilpah, the handmade of Leah his older brother was Gad. When Zilpah gave birth to Asher, the child belonged to Leah and she was the one that named him. This was not just picking a name, Leah prophesied over the child and said, “I am happy! For women will call me happy” When we christen a child, God blesses the name and gives it a potential to live up to, something given to that child, and person, something belonging to him or her. However, for this prophesy to come through is not automatic, it takes effort and faith, never the less, the gift is given from God and belongs to the child.

Produces gifts

Leah called him Asher, meaning happy or happiness and God gave Asher and his tribe the gift of happiness. Does this mean that Asher and his tribe couldn’t fight or do hard work, no it just meant that Asher had a special talent for happy social behavior? This happiness is not just for the person being happy, it affects others, family and friends, this happiness is giving, it is a gift that produces gifs, it is life to the environment surrounding this happy person, he or her radiates positive energy, it produces strength and “hope”

More blessed than sons

The Happiness of Asher and his tribe turns into strong blessings when Moses repeats and enforces the prophesy of Israel, “ More blessed than sons is Asher;May he be favored by his brothers, And may he dip his foot in oil.  Having sons was of utmost importance for the Israelites in their struggle, it meant almost everything for a family to continue to be blessed in their daily life. Here Moses says that the tribe of Asher is more blessed than having sons.

Olive oil

The happiness of the Asher people pays of When God by Joshua gives them an allotted land facing the Mediterranean Sea, the rich coastland of the northern part of the promised land, the land of the Israelites. Moses said they could dip their foot in oil, the Hebrew word used, means fat or oily and is most of the times used in the old testament for olive oil.


Many of the happy Asher people probably lived a good life, enough to eat and drink. Is this good life only good and beneficial, the answer is no, the Asher tribe didn’t bother to chase out the Canaanites in their allotted land, they lived among them and accepted their offerings and rituals. And when Deborah called them, in the judges, they refused to come.  

It is buried in them

Can we learn anything from the Asherites, well we humans are definitely different, every one of us, we are unique and have a unique talent, you are special, Jesus has a job for you fitting your talent, just start digging for the treasure, it is there.  When things go well, do not forget God and his words, your happiness is buried in them.


  1. Does your happiness have to reflect your situation?
  2. Are you looking for something to complain or the one thing which encourages and cheers?
  3. Do you know that happiness bounces back to you?

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