Jacob’s prophesy over Dan. From Genesis 49:16-18 commented by ASV and questions


The name Dan means to judge and that was what his father prophesied over him, to be a judge in Israel. We don’t learn anything from Dan in his life, except when he was born and Rachel called him Dan, and said, “God has judged and vindicated me, and has heard my plea and has given me a son.” So she named him Dan” The meaning which Rachel gave the name Dan was that God had judged her, vindicated and made her righteous.


This is significant when we look at the last words about Dan from Israel, “I wait for Your salvation, O Lord “. The prophesy of Dan points forward to the greatest judge of them all, the Messiah who should save Dan and us from our own sin.


Almost nothing is said about Dan during his lifetime; however, his descendants, the tribe of Dan proved to be judges, like Samson but also a source to the great sin of idolatry. When Jesus could forgive Dan, He can certainly forgive you too.


  1. Who was the mother of Dan?
  2. Does the salvation change your personality?
  3. Is sin a prison?

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