Jacob’s prophesy over Issachar one of Leah’s sons. From Genesis 49:14-15 commented by ASV and questions


Alongside Zebulun stood Issachar, he was number six to receive his prophesy, the last of the sons of Leah, however not the youngest, that was Zebulun. Israel revealed God’s plan for Issachar and his tribe, he described him as a rawboned donkey that bowed his shoulders and rested between two burdens and saw the fertility of the land.


What did Israel mean by this description of Issachar and his descendants? Scholars has discussed what kind of person Issachar was and would be, mainly two opinions are preeminent; one, a weak and lazy person preferring the easy way out. The other opinion is that he was hard working, seeking the freedom for himself and his people. 


For the scholars there is no other option than good or bad, to me however it seems a third alternative which I sense from the Holy Spirit.  Issachar had to options, either to follow this world and always seek the easy way on the broad road as most people do, or thrust in God and enter the narrow road with hard labor and humility


In everyone there is buried a talent, a treasure, a diamond, you do not have to dig for it, however if you do it takes hard labor and patience to make it shine. God want you to be a light in this dark world, and he wished the same for Issachar. Issachar had in him to be a loyal burden bearer that enjoyed hard work, and to bear burden for others. 


When Issachar rested from his work, he viewed the land after crossing the river Jordan and saw what it would look like after being tilled. He had wisdom to see the future result after a period with hard labor. The tribe of Issachar understood what times they were living in.


Do we understand what kind of times we are living in now? Are we living in good times or bad times, do we understand what is going on in this world? What do we need to understand? Jesus said that we need eyes to be able to see, do you have eyes? The eyes you need are eyes in your heart, if your heart does not have eyes, you need a heart surgery, you need a change of heart and find a doctor that has a heart for you, and know how to do the surgery.


  1. How do find your real personality?
  2. What is your talent?
  3. Are you a light?
  4. Do you have eyes?

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