Jacob gives his prophesy to Ruben the first-born. From Genesis 49:1-4 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי   אל שדי  רוח הקודש


On the rock

Israel was dying, week and feeble he calls for all his sons to give them his last words, he was tired and week, however The Holy Spirit, רוח הקודש, took the charge to give God’s people the direction for their future walk with Him. Israel had humbled himself to his awesome God, YaHaWaH. As a result, God united Himself with Israel through His Spirit who now started to talk through him. The Words of God is not from the flesh with the five senses and all kinds of feelings. The Words are pure and everlasting, you cannot laugh it to change or weep it to change, and they are solid founded on the Rock.

Accepted the lie

Israel started with the first born, Rueben, born to might, leadership, the priesthood and a double portion. When his nine brothers sold Joseph to the Midianites, he was not present and planned to save Joseph. He knew he had the responsibility and intended to bring his young brother back to his father. However, when all the others decided to con their father, Rueben accepted the lie and deceived Israel his father showing him Joseph’s robe of many colors stained with blood.  

And lay with her

Ruben started out well, but then he began following his flesh considering his own well-beings, leading onto the wrong road of lust, pity and lack of integrity. One day he lusted for Bilhah, Rachel’s maid, he went into her and lay with her, most probably against her will. We can suppose that Bilhah told her sons about it and Israel heard it. We have no information of that Israel rebuked Rueben in any way, he probably should have, however now was the time to bring it up to the surface.

A failure

Israel told Ruben that because he slept with Bilhah his wife, he lost all his rights making his tribe small and week in their future existence. However not being able to discipline himself when feeling lust, was just the end result that proved his downfall as a person, his might had gone, his integrity had failed him, he was not fit for any of the things he was borne to be, Rueben was a failure, not able to control and discipline himself.

Boiling over

The tribe of Rueben turned out small and insignificant, no famous men came from that tribe. After 40 years in the wilderness before crossing the river Jordan, the Rueben tribe went for the easy way to settle east of Jordan and Moses allowed it. Later because of their location, they became an easy target from dessert tribes and paid the prize for following their feelings and senses. Rueben could not control himself; he was hot-tempered, as Israel put it, “boiling over like water” now he lost all his rights as the first borne and his tribe payed the prize for his weaknesses.

It is not possible

In this world there are many Rueben’s, they struggle with their flesh, fighting to stay within the unwritten law of high moral, however, the temptations crouches behind every corner ready to attack you. On our own, we are helpless, we need help, and we need more inner power and a strong helper, where can we find him? Your heart from the birth is weak and unpredictable and by yourself, you cannot change your heart, although many are trying, parents by the way they raise their children, and society by all kinds of education, all in vain, it is not possible.

New heart

Your heart is the problem, we are borne with a heart of stone, whatever you do, the stone heart stays the same. God knows our prime problem, and He promised to solve it. He would extract the stone heart, and by spiritual surgery operate in a new heart of flesh, which we can exercise and renew.


  1. How could Israel give this heavenly prophesy to every one of his 12 sons, just minutes away from dying?
  2. What was the problem that Rueben had?
  3. Did Rueben’s actions influence his personality and the personality of his tribe?
  4. Rueben had a hot temper. Why was that?
  5. What kind of heart do you have?

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