Pharaoh appoints Joseph as leader over Egypt, gives him a new name and a wife. From Genesis 41:38-49 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

New to him

All the tribes in Canaan respected and feared Abraham, Isaac and Israel because of their mighty and scary God, YaHaWaH, and now in Egypt Pharaoh knew his life and destiny depended on the God behind the words that Joseph spoke. The Egyptians sensed the divine power surrounding the Hebrew slave and the need of following his instructions. Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and clear-headed and wise as you are Pharaoh acknowledged that the God of Joseph had the authority and power over the present and the future, this was new to him, being treated as god by the Egyptian people.  


Pharaoh gave Joseph a new name, “Zaphenath-paneah” צָפְנַת פַעְנֵחַ meaning, “the god speaks, and he lives”. By his new name Joseph, wherever he came published that he represented the God that speaks and is alive. The people of course knew he worked for Pharaoh, but most importantly had words directly from the living God. Pharaoh then gave Joseph Asenath as wife.

Overseers and officials

Pharaoh gave Joseph full control over the land; every single person was under his authority. Joseph was 30 years of age and ready to start his work. He didn’t glory in his position; he started by traveling through the land and appointed overseers and officials in every city. He built granaries alongside the cornfields ready to store up one-fifth of the harvested corn.

The plenty bread from heaven

God told Joseph about the seven years of plenty, and when God said plenty, He meant divine plenty, it probably had never ben as plenty as in those seven years. Joseph started to count the amount of grain being stored, however the plenty was too plenty, Joseph stopped counting, because the officials didn’t manage to register, it was too many wheelbarrows filled with grain coming in at the same time. God prepared to save the world sending Joseph to Egypt, and about two thousand years later, he sent Jesus, the bread from heaven to earth to save the world.


Saving the world is not a miracle moment; it takes time with preparations in wisdom and knowledge. You need to be prepared too. Jesus calls it to repent. Repent is not just regretting what you have done in the past as sinner, no it is the real preparation for walking with Jesus. Repent is stop thinking like the world and start thinking like God.

Your brain

In today language it is to select carefully what you fill your brain with from the TV broadcasting, most of the stuff coming from the TV-screen is of the devil and it affects your thought life and gives you negative thinking. In addition, you must select who you mingle with and to whom you listen and what you read on the internet.  

Effort every day

Where do you find God’s way of reasoning? it is easy, it is in the Bible and only there. To repent is comprehending the words of Jesus, The Bible is spirit and life. To be prepared takes time and effort every day. You must convert your brain from this world’s reasoning to God’s way of thinking.

A time of indoctrination

However you might say, “stop a while, this is indoctrinating, yes it is, you are today, existing in a time of indoctrination, of ideas, commercials, media, there is no safe haven, you are being bombarded with some kind of information everywhere. The best indoctrination is the words from a loving and wise God. The other option is from the devil who is a thief and a killer.


  1. Who is your enemy in converting to Gods way of thinking?
  2. Do you know the meaning of your name?
  3. What influences your brain the most?
  4. What governs what you do?

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