Joseph spends two more years in prison, Joseph is released. From Genesis 41:1-13 commented by ASV and questions

From the pit, through slavery and prison

After the judgement of the two officials, the cupbearer and the chief baker, Joseph suffered two more years in prison. From the youth, Joseph studied on the heavenly university of יהוה, YHWH, YaHaWaH. God molded his personality, from young arrogance to humble righteousness; however, it took about 13 years from the pit through slavery and prison to the palace of Pharaoh and the position as the prime minister of Egypt.

Give credit to

Joseph shaved, changed cloths and went to the palace to take the final exam and receive his titles. Joseph stood before Pharaoh and his officials ready to obey, give credit to, and listen to his awesome God. Now was the time, Joseph was ready to represent God and present him to the world in the presence and to us in the future and predict the personality and the coming of Christ. It seems like the cupbearer’s confession to Pharaoh made the release of Joseph, but behind what happened in the physical, God had full control in the spiritual.

Profitable and completely free

God released Joseph because he now was ready as Gods humble and obedient servant, treating the Egyptians with respect and hard work. Despite all his suffering, Joseph did his best and God gave him insight and wisdom. We can live as Joseph and step into the heavenly university; it is profitable, informative, safe and completely free. How long does this education take? Well with Joseph, it took his youth and additional 13 years, starting with the pit and ending as ruler of the most famous and rich country at the time.

God’s integrity  

Joseph had grown into a spiritual mature person with God’s integrity, he could easily have revenged himself on Potiphar and his wife and had them both executed. However he had learned to discipline himself into the will of God and now his goal was the best for the Egyptians throughout this vast land.


  1. Are you ready to learn from God?
  2. Is this world on your side?
  3. Does God give information about your future?

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