Joseph interprets the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker, the cupbearer gets his job back, however the baker is hanged. From Genesis 40:1-23 commented by ASV and questions

Could not decide

Pharaoh accuses his cupbearer and his baker for some criminal act, could have been an attempt to poison him. He put them both in prison, maybe he couldn’t decide in which department the poison attempt took place. The prison was in an extension of the house of the captain of the guard, this captain was Potiphar, for whom Joseph served for about 9 years.

God solved the case

Potiphar of course knew what was going in his prison and wanted to know how the two officials behaved, their case was probably under investigation. When Joseph interpreted the two dreams, most likely, the warden also heard of the interpretations and told it to Potiphar, his captain, who then knew that the baker was the guilty one. God solved the case by Joseph.

Do we remember

Pharaoh had the baker hanged and released the cupbearer back to his office. The cupbearer enjoyed being alive and given his old position back, however he forgot all about Joseph left in the dungeon. Do we remember to give thanks to God when something good happens in our life and consider the life of others in front of our own situation?

We don’t know when

Joseph heard of what happened with the two officials when Pharaoh celebrated his birthday, and he knew that the dreams and interpretations came from God. Potiphar meant for Joseph to Roth in this dark pit until he died, however Joseph was confident that he was to be released to fulfill the two dreams he had 13 years earlier, but he didn’t know when.

Questions to consider

  1. What was the reason for Joseph being in prison?
  2. When good things happen in our life, is it common to forget all about it?
  3. What is the most important of living in luxury, or God being with you?

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