Joseph is put in prison; the warden puts Joseph in charge over all the prisoners. From Genesis 39:19-23 commented by ASV and questions

Keep your integrity untouched

Joseph was highly favored when working for Potiphar about 9 years, now being thrown in prison, still highly favored, YaHaWaH doesn’t rely on circumstances, He is where you are, just keep your integrity untouched.

Executed on the spot

The wife of Potiphar said that Joseph tried to rape her; however, he knew both his wife and Joseph well. Potiphar was the chief executer, if he had believed what his wife told him, he would have executed Joseph on the spot. Joseph had served Potiphar for about 9 years and his master had learned the honesty and integrity of his servant.

Dark hour

Joseph in prison was chained with shackles around his neck and ankles, nevertheless the prison warden noticed the cloud of blessings surrounding Joseph, his awesome God was there affecting everybody he spoke to, and everything he touched and the man in charge was no longer in charge, he gave the leadership over to Joseph. Of course, Joseph noticed what happened and it comforted him in this dark hour.


Joseph spend about four years in that prison, doing his best for all the prisoners there, he was treating them as kings, the dark and gloomy environment didn’t affect his behavior, his integrity was unhurt.

Questions to consider

  1. What does it mean to be highly favored?
  2. What is integrity?
  3. Did Joseph learn anything in the prison?

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