Joseph works for Potiphar for about 9 years. From Genesis 39:7-18 commented by ASV and questions


Joseph worked for Potiphar for about 9 years, he was in charge over everything Potiphar owned, he even looked after Potiphar’s wife, that she had what she needed. Joseph was in his late twenties; Joseph had a good-looking appearance and Potiphar’s wife desired to sleep with him.

Living two lives

Joseph was of course tempted like other young men would be, however he lived two lives like his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and his father Israel did. That is also, what we must do to cross through all the temptations existing in the world today, living two lives. Living our physical life on earth being affected by our five senses comes automatic, however, the other life is more difficult, especially if not been giving the necessary teaching of that life in young age.

What you hear

Fortunately, for Joseph, Israel had given him this second life understanding and the faith in his God, that took his youth to build itself up in Joseph’s heart. Faith comes by hearing, and if you hear the Words of God, you are building up your faith in God as Joseph did. However, if what you hear are information and impulses from this world, the faith in this world is what is filling your heart. What is hard to accept is the fact, that the devil is the one running this world with his, not notable or invisible deception?

Daily or once a week

Many Christians receive Jesus in their heart, and they are determined to follow Him, however in their daily life they are basically listening to and considering this world’s information on daily basis going to church once a week.

Not a game

These two sources of influence divide their heart between this second life with Jesus and the first life with the devil. In their heart there is a fight, a war, the one side, is to follow what Jesus is saying. The other force is to follow the devil; the question is who wins the battle? The answer is obvious, Jesus talks to you once a week, the devil persuades you six days a week, for the devil, the master of deception, to win your attention is a piece of cake or a walk in the park. You lose as in computer games, but this is not a game, what is a stake is your destiny, forever in heaven or forever in hell.

Two lives; things of God or things of man

For Joseph and for you there was and is only one option; it is to be with Jesus every day, crucifying your flesh until it becomes a habit knowing the tactic of the devil, as Jesus did when he recognized Satan behind the words that Peter spoke persuading Him to take the easy way avoiding the cross. Jesus turned to Peter and said. “Get behind MeSatan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on things of God, but on things of man.” by these words, Jesus is revealing Satan’s tactic and method; he is playing on the things of man, which is man’s weaknesses, his flesh, that is, his five senses.


  1. What do you need to do in order to believe the Bible?
  2. Why do we “fall asleep” when reading the bible?

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