Joseph works for Potiphar, from Genesis 39:1-6 commented by ASV and questions

Midianites, Egypt and Potiphar

Israel raised Joseph and Benjamin differently from the rest of his brothers, they were sons of his loving wife, Rachel, and they knew and believed in his father’s God. Joseph, now in Egypt relied on YaHaWaH, in everything he did and patiently waited on God to act. Joseph like Mary the mother of Jesus was highly favored. Joseph was highly favored when in the pit, when sold as a slave to the Midianites, when sold to Potiphar the Egyptian and when prosperous working for him.

Heavenly precision

As Joseph, you are also highly favored when believing in Jesus, even in trouble, when lacking money, when people slander you, when facing injustice, you are highly favored, don’t bother repaying the bad done to you; God will handle it with heavenly precision.  God’s blessing surrounding Joseph was so obvious and his integrity so prominent in what he did, that Potiphar left everything in Joseph’s hands except the food he ate.


  1. Is God’s way your way?
  2. Are you highly favored?

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